Are Pork Rinds Paleo? 5

A couple of weeks ago, I used some pork rinds instead of flour when frying chicken… it was excellent!!!!

Last week, in my attempt to fine tune my meal plan ….. I ate some pork rinds when I was needing just a “little something” to get me through the day. Normally, I am a “eat when hungry” paleo eater…but I’ve been reducing my protein, I want to see what affect this will have on my blood sugar readings.

Today I started thinking… I know Pork Rinds are low carb…but are they Paleo / Primal???

I found differing opinions on the tasty snack…. some saying yes, and others saying no.

Strictly speaking … I don’t see how they could be considered either Primal or Paleo…. I don’t think our ancestors were double frying pork skin 15,000+ years ago but I don’t think they were making butter nor bacon back then either….

My point… while pork rinds may not be paleo nor primal in a strict sense, until I see evidence to the contrary, I am still adding it to my low carb “weaponry”… here’s why.

1) From what I was able to find on the internet, the “pork skins” are cooked in lard (pork fat).  Obviously if some manufacturers use vegetable oils…that can be an issue.

2) Pork Rinds are LOW CARB… like -0- … so that’s a huge plus…especially for us Diabetics.

3) ZERO Trans Fats… and with 7 g of protein…not bad for 9 pieces.

4) LOVE THE INGREDIENT LIST : Check it out below. Doesn’t get much shorter than that… AND I can spell all the words! :)

I love this ingredient list!!! It's short & I can spell them all!!! :)

*** If someone has a reason why Pork Rinds should not be a healthy snack… PLEASE let me know.

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