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I can and do eat chili year round … but had not made it recently…. that all changed this morning.

In my opinion, low carb “primal” chili is a great food for diabetics… and it is what I call a “3-2″ pitch in my personal diabetic diet. Truly, it’s a great food for EVERYONE!

Why? … check my recipe… only 4.5 grams of carbs per cup and packed full of flavor. You can add and subtract ingredients of course…but just make sure to COUNT YOUR CARBS!! :)

Check this link for my full recipe and cooking instructions, CLICK HERE. … I make  it differently each time I make it. Not only do I add different spices but here’s a cooking tip… changing the “coarseness” of the ingredients makes a difference too… in my opinion.  Today’s batch was processed in a food processor…. for a nice smooth texture.  Other times, I will chop and dice with a knife.

Lastly, I cook and eat chili with many different foods…it’s great with Eggs, fish, steak, bacon, ham… it’s a perfect “side dish” for ANY MEAT!

I’ll shut up now and start showing you pictures. :)

First up is the ingredients and carb values. ENJOY!

As you can see… 4.4 g per cup, which is low by itself, but add this with your favorite meat …and it really cranks the carbs down “per mouthful”. :)

Below…is a picture of the ingredients… note the spices used. I often use Coriander, Tarragon, Basil, Oregano, Paprika, … but CUMIN and GARLIC are required when I make it.  No “if and or butts” about it. :))


The next picture is of the onion, celery and green peppers after they have been processed. Note: You can chop or cut these up to change the texture and I believe the taste of the chili. For carbs… it doesn’t get much prettier than this….to me. :)

And NOW for the final product… just plain old… Steve’s World Famous Low Carb Primal Chili!!!! :)    Hmmmm Goood!!!
Remember!  YOU can make huge batches of chili…freeze them in individual containers and add to your standard meal to really “spice” things up a bit. :)
Hope you ENJOY!

If you have not visited my Food Category Link , click here for more low carb but tasty diabetic foods.

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