You want Primal Proof? 1

When I discovered “The Primal Blueprint”, I had already experienced the benefits of lowering carbohydrates including reduced consumption of sugar, grains and legumes.

Therefore, the “primal leap” for me was not the vast canyon that it is for most of you. For me it was not a leap… it was more like a skip. :)

But for most of you, I KNOW IT IS DIFFICULT! Especially when your entire support system will belittle the low carb primal / paleo nutritional approach. This includes family, friends, general physicians, endocrinologists, nutritionists, dietitians and certified diabetes educators.

Probably of no less importance are the support systems you’ve never met including the “TV Experts” who constantly preach high fiber, high carb cereals, grains, whole-grains etc, etc ad nauseum.  And the seemingly constant stream of advertising… promoting the benefits of high carb foods such as cereals and grains….

Given the information above… it’s not a surprise that people will not heed the advice of someone on the internet who preaches nutritional advice, especially when that advice flies in the face of ALL… CONVENTIONAL WISDOM!

I understand … you need proof.  Below is my attempt at providing Primal proof… or proof that primal works.

A) Me… I know I can fabricate my story and my pictures but still… evidence exhibit A. :)  You can click HERE, HERE and HERE for proof.

One of the first EARLY articles I read that influenced me greatly…. is here , by the way the author of “The Primal Blueprint”, Mark Sisson also created … it would behoove you go and read all the posts on this page.

I am also on Skype if you would like to chat using audio/video. I do not, will not hide… in case you did not notice. :)

B) These DIABETES SUCCESS STORIES are from “real people” (CLICK HERE). All have either  greatly reduced drugs and insulin OR have completely weaned off drugs and insulin as I have done.

KNOW THIS… there are countless others that have done this as well.  As a percentage of the 25 million diabetics we are a small group… but as we share our stories…the numbers grow daily.

You may be saying to yourself…. “Ok… all those stories could be fabricated … I want real proof.” … let’s move on….shall we. :)

C) Studies or articles containing studies Supporting Low Carb / Primal / Paleo

a – Animal Pharm – Low Carb Paleo – the author of this post (Dr. BG) Doctorate in Pharmacy and she is a Certified Diabetes Educator… if that was not enough, she’s also a Paleo and Crossfit enthusiast.  If you really want to learn MUCH … go to her site and do a search for “diabetes” … and READ!

b – Stephan Guyenet – Second only to MarksDailyApple in early influence was this site / articles. Stephan Guyenet, he’s another PhD to Heed! :))

Paleolithic Diet Trials

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 2

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 3

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 4

One Last Thought

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 1

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 2

c – I can NOT leave out my favorite “RANTER” Richard Nikoley. He has an awesome site… I don’t share a lot of his articles because his foods can be a little on the carby side. BUT I love his posts … very witty and very irreverent at times… ok… most times. LOL!  His posts are always RELEVANT and entertaining.

His Website is Free the Animal

d – there are many more but here are a few more links.

i – Dr. Davis – this doctor is anti-grains.  Oh… he’s a leading cardiologist and he too is a diabetic.

ii – Dr. Kurt Harris

iii – Dr. Ayers

e) LAST but not least is this video of a study done my Dr. Gardner, a Nutrition PhD from Stanford. His study compared several diets from low carb to high carb….  low carb won for heart health, weight loss and glucose control.  Oh….he’s a neutral source too…he’s a 25 yr vegetarian. :)

** OK… now it’s on you. YOU have been informed or at least been given links to the information.

If you choose to continue in your high carb diabetic diet of the American Diabetes Association  and harming your health… it’s ON YOU!

Live long and prosper!!! :)

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