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To be frank … if the contents of this post do not make you angry … then there is no hope in the near future for nutritional  justice.

WE must have the presence to stand together and FIGHT for what is right.  (I am not talking about violence…. but fighting with words and positive activism.)

In a recent post I discussed how “entangled” the American Dietitian Ass. was with major candy, drug and junk food manufacturers. You can read the post “Two ADAs” here , if you missed it.  Here is a short snippet from the post.

“…. the ADA lists Aramark, The CocaCola Company, The National Dairy Council and the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition as partners.”

The ADA receives some percentage (approximately 10% according to its most recent annual report[1]) of its funding from food companies, including  Abbott Nutrition, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Pepsico, SOYJOY, Truvia and Unilever.”

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that the “American Dietitian Ass.” is influenced by Big Pharma and Big AgraBiz .

HOWEVER the information below in my opinion … is worse. It is amazing what you can find by simply ‘surfing’ through the internet….

For those that may not know, the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)  is a national group representing Diabetes Educators, many of which are Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) .  These are the people that diabetics PAY for NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION …  their lives DEPEND on the information they are given.

CDEs are people, entrusted with the responsibility to provide personal, diabetes management advice to millions of diabetics in the US alone.

I have stated many times that the vast majority of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) provide harmful dietary advice to diabetics… made even more shameful by the fact that diabetics MUST pay for such advice.  Well the information below…. literally made me ill.

On the website of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) they list their  Chairman of the Board of Trustees.   His name is Paul Madden, MEd  and if you look below, you can see that he is an employee of Pepsico!!!!   If I made this up… YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE ME!!!  (Here is a link to one of Pepsico’s websites describing Mr. Madden’s duties at Pepsico.) http://foodfrontiers.pepsicoblogs.com/author/paulmadden/

Paul B. Madden, M.Ed., is Director of Advocacy, Education and Empowerment at PepsiCo. Working with the Nutrition and R&D teams, he collaborates with colleagues and key international medical, academic, foundation, government and business leaders to develop initiatives that support individuals and families to make more balanced, healthier choices with foods, beverages and physical activity.

*** Note in the above quote … his job is, ” helping families to make more balanced, healthier choices…” …. uh huh.  WRONG! :(

And… if you still do not believe this… look it up yourself, here is the link. http://www.diabeteseducator.org/Foundation/Board.html

Also on the same page… you can see more evidence of collusion and commingling of influence peddling…. see below.   Ronald Hoven for example, is a drug company employee … I’m sure the profit or loss status of his company (Eli Lily) would never affect his decision making as a Trustee for “American Ass. of Diabetes Educators” (AADE)…..

WHEN will we say enough is enough…. WHEN!?!

When will YOU demand honest, unbiased diabetes management advice???

The American Diabetes Association will DO NOTHING to help you … the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) will do nothing… both are a den of thieves.   YOU must rise up and say enough is enough… but will you???

New entrant into the Diabetes Wall of Shame…   AADE and their “Board of Trustees”.   :(

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Nutritional Chart

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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6 thoughts on “Would THIS Shock You?

  • Notbadroth

    FYI – Paul Madden is indeed Chair of the AADE FOUNDATION not the AADE, The Foundation raises money for research and education in support of AADE members work with patients. It is appropriate for business leaders to be involved in philanthropy.

    • Steve Cooksey

      Thanks for the note, I’ll make the correction.

      Phlanthropy? Yes.. this gets us back to the willful ignorance / intellectual laziness. The AADE & ADA support a high carb meal plan that causes Diabetics to take more and more drugs and insulin as well as CDE Services… philanthropy… indeed, unfortunately the philanthropy is for CDEs, BigPharma and BigAgraBiz.

  • Enghwi

    Are you implying that Mr Madden being an employee of Pepsi is not qualified to be chair of the AADE FOUNDATION?
    Your objection seems to be centered on the fact that ” The AADE & ADA support a high carb meal plan that causes Diabetics” I have been involved with Diabetic care for a number of years and the ADA recommended diet is sound and medically correct. I also speak well of Mr Madden who has done great work with Juvenile Diabetes awareness and diabetic education.

    Eng-Hwi Kwa MD

    • Steve Cooksey

      1) I am not implying anything… PepsiCo should not have ANY financial interest with any group that supports Diabetics. Their high carb junk food is partially responsible for what ails ‘us’. Here is a post I did on their meal plan… 6-11 servings of grains/carbs is unethical.

      If you can’t see the conflict of interest then you too are blind.

      2) ADA recommended diet is sound??? …. YOU are willfully ignorant or intellectually lazy…or motivated by greed. Which is it?

      The ADA meal plan causes an increase in glucose requiring more drugs and insulin… what part of that equation do you not understand?

      Every PERSON who follows a low carb meal plan similar to mine reduces drugs, reduces insulin and reduces body fat. ALL also have improved blood sugar control… Here is a series of success stories…there are COUNTLESS others.

      The Group that Mr. Madden supports harms 25 million diabetics each day… that is a fact.

      Recent study shows 90 % failure rate with diabetics …here is a post I did on this topic. The failure rate is due to a high carb meal plan that benefits Monsanto, PepsiCo and the Medical Industry.

      IF all that is NOT enough to convince you … would you listen to Dr. William Davis? A leading cardiologist….and diabetic. Here is his blog.

      Here is the blog of a PhD in Pharmacology, she’s also a CDE.

      The truth is there… do a search for diabetes on the last two blog links… open your mind and begin to HEAL people instead of writing prescriptions.