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In my previous post “Ups and Downs of Blood Sugar Control”   I ranted about an article in the American Diabetes Association’s  ‘rag’ was misleading and dumbing down diabetics.

The article showed a graph with hypothetical A1C’s and corresponding graphs of theoretical blood sugars for a Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic .

The main issue I had with the article????   The hypothetical A1C in the example was 8.0 for the diabetics…  that’s an average blood sugar of 207 mg/dl (11.6 mmol/l) … that is DANGEROUSLY high.

I pointed out that the ADA should use an A1c that was at least on the high range of their normal … like a 5.5.  Something to set as a great goal for diabetics …. AND if not, at least mention that the A1C mentioned was HIGH AND HARMFUL!

Below is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device numbers for a Type 1 Diabetic … see them below. :)

This picture provide a graph for the previous 24 hrs.  It does not appear that any high surpassed 150 mg/dl.  From the Hourly Averages (2nd row of numbers from the bottom)  you can clearly see that she never exceeded 145 mg/dl.

The Type 1 Diabetic did go low and that is something that she must be very careful of and treat with carbohydrates to raise her blood sugar.

She clearly spent much of her time in the ADA normal zone of 80 – 130, no small feat for ANY diabetic but much more so for a pregnant diabetic. :)   I posted on her story a few weeks ago, “Primal Pregnancy and Diabetes” … she has a great story with weight loss, pregnancy, type 1 diabetes …very compelling.

Note: I would LOVE to have a CGM … just for a day or two to test out all the different foods and exercise.  She won’t let me borrow hers for some reason… :(


Her blood sugar as you can see if FAR below 207 … her high for the day NEVER even came close.  She is the type of example the ADA should be holding up for Type 1 Diabetics … not an A1C of 8!! :(

Another final picture from her (below), this is from the screen of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring device. … before I forget… thanks for sharing !



This CGM is a pretty cool device (it and the supplies are very expensive) … from this screen you can see that her current Blood Sugar is 81 and dropping. The graph is for 12 hrs (the previous picture was 24) and shows that during this period, she did reach 150 and had lows of 75 .  The 150’s were during the night while she was asleep… these numbers are GREAT for Type 1 Diabetics… and sadly there are many Type 2’s who would love to trade with her.

For Type 1 Diabetics, diabetes is a constant struggle with gauging and adjusting carbohydrates and insulin.  As I mentioned early she follows a Primal meal plan … and while it does help with her overall health, it only slightly helps her control blood sugar.  Regardless of how many carbs she consumes … it’s a constant struggle to maintain proper blood sugar levels.


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