Beef Tongue … Revisited 2

Due to the ‘taboo’ nature of beef tongue… pictures are at the end of the post.

My sons and their friends, when they learned that I had eaten beef tongue …and had one in the freezer wanted to try it today (Easter Sunday).

I gladly obliged … I had been wanting them to try it.  The group peer pressure definitely played a part in the public support for trying it… that and testosterone. :))

Organ meats SHOULD be a part of EVERYONE’s  diet … but this is  ESPECIALLY true for diabetics due to the low carb values of the meats. They are definitely part of my ‘diabetic diet”….and I have normal blood sugar.

Tongue is an organ and generally organ meats are more nutritious than non-organ ‘meats’.  Below is a picture comparing Beef Tongue, Beef Heart and Beef Liver with Ground Beef’s Nutritional Panels.

** As always…click to view enlarged picture.




1) Beef Tongue is the first panel and you can see that it is VERY HIGH in animal fats, 2nd only to the 80/20.  It is only 1g less in Saturated Fats than Ground Beef.  This explains why it is so tender…and it IS!  By the way, I believe the high levels of saturated fats are a good thing.

2) Beef Tongue also has 4g of carbs per 100g … I likely had 4-6 servings so I approached 16-24 grams of carbs … I did not think to check my blood sugar but will try to remember to check this next time.

3) The Protein / Fat / Carb nutritional panel only tells part of the story…. BELOW is the vitamin and mineral totals. As you can see BEEF TONGUE IS NUTRITIOUS!


**  These nutritional panels are all based on 100 grams, which equals about 3.5 ounces.

Typically I will eat at least a pound a day… so these numbers could easily be multiplied by four for ‘daily totals’.



Graphic food pictures of beef tongue … follow.

Proceed at your own risk. :)

In a previous post I discussed Beef Tongue… without graphic pictures.  (click here)

I also included a video of my wife discovering that she was eating beef tongue… some thought it was humorous. :))


Warning…. ok…. You’ve been warned!!!! :)


Pre-Cooked picture. Spiced with Cilantro, Tony Chechere's and Black Pepper in the Grok Pot




Plate full of Chopped Beef Tongue and Onions

Sliced Beef Tongue...



Another view


I have eaten beef tongue, heart and liver …they are all “different” textures from a Ribeye or Hamburger … but I like and will willingly eat them again.  As for beef liver… I can only eat “grass fed” beef liver, it’s a much milder flavor.

Organ meats are generally lower in price and higher in nutritional value… THAT IS A WIN / WIN!!!

So set aside your ORGAN MEAT BIGOTRY … open your minds and your mouths to a new world of FLAVOR and textures. :)


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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