Grilled, Thick Cut, Peppered Bacon 4

My Food Posts are often SO SIMPLE and this post on Grilled, Thick Cut, Peppered Bacon… is even more so. :)

I rarely grill bacon, because I hate to see the delicious fat drop on the coals (or lava rocks in this case).

It is wasteful!   However, I do enjoy doing this occasionally. It does change the flavor substantially.


Steps to Grilling BACON!


1.  Grill Prep – First, I always use a wire brush and a little Olive Oil to clean the grill. I mainly do this to make sure the meats or veggies do not stick to the grill.  The picture below is not the best… but hopefully you can see the grill is well ‘oiled’.

EVEN though bacon has plenty of fat… I wanted this to turn out perfectly so I took extra precaution.


2.  Place the bacon on the grill …. I hope you are WRITING THIS DOWN!! :))



3.  GRILL ON LOW FLAME!! … NOT ONLY did I grill this on THE lowest setting …

… I also turned down the gas flow from the tank until it was a very small flame.  Even still there was one major flare up. Nothing to call the Fired Department about. :))

Point Being: Set the flame low …. and keep an eye on it….Not literally that would be PAINFUL! :))

Do it right and you’ll be rewarded with THE best tasting BACON … ever!!!

The smokey flavor from the grill….  OMG GOOD!!!!

4.  More Pics… so beautiful… I’m IN LOVE!! :)


Mmmm tasty peppered grilled bacon.



In a properly seasoned grill … (I don’t de-grease mine after each use)  this truly has a FANTASTIC taste.

Just try to set the flame as low as possible, adjust using the knobs but also adjust reducing the actual gas flow from the tank.   DO THIS and keep an eye on it… should go well.


Lastly … in case you have not noticed, I do NOT eat like the American Diabetes Ass. (ADA) suggests.  I eat a truly diabetes friendly diabetes diet. 

That  MIGHT be why I have normal blood sugar…. and I take -0- drugs and insulin… just might be.


WHY DON”T YOU find out.  Eat this way for ONE WEEK! … give it a try.