November is Diabetes Awareness Month… ha! 8

This is an update to a post I did last year.  Nothing has changed much… it still is relevant to the diabetes situation.

Key “Take Away Points”

1)  We don’t need diabetes awareness … we need to provide ‘valuable’ diabetes education!!!  With information that the American Diabetes Ass. is NOT providing.   They still promote a  drug first “carb up, shoot up” diabetes treatment plan.

You would have to live under a rock, not read newspapers, NOT watch TV news and NOT be on the internet to be UN-AWARE of diabetes in the United States … maybe you’ve heard of the obesity and diabetes “epidemic”?

2) Diabetes Awareness Month is NOT about raising awareness of diabetes …  it IS about raising money for the American Diabetes Ass.

Big Pharma gives ADA plenty … read this post to learn how much… and this is JUST BIG PHARMA, it does not include the money from food companies such as Pepsico, Coke, Hershey, General Mill etc … and we know they give.

3) Want to change things?  Then do NOT promote Diabetes Awareness Month… do NOT help the ADA raise money to promote a high carb, grain based, drug inducing meal plan… I do NOT.

Original Post is below.


Diabetes Awareness Month … is upon us. It’s still early (day 1) but by the end of the month, I think everyone on the internet will have seen an ad, email or tweet about Diabetes Awareness Month.  If you have diabetes, then you likely will be bombarded with requests to “Donate Now” to help spread the word.

Let me start out by saying that my friends, especially my diabetic friends are near and dear to my heart. I will do ALL that I can to help them in their battles with Diabetes. I also know that the intentions of my friends are ONLY the best and I am NOT questioning their motives… at all.

….. Some of my diabetic friends ask me to help them “raise diabetes awareness”.  I am making my thoughts public on this … so there will be no misunderstanding.

My Stance on Fundraising for ADA or ADA Minion Groups (and to raise awareness)

1) I do agree that not every person on the planet is aware of diabetes.

2) But… you would have to live under a rock, not read newspapers, NOT watch TV news and NOT be on the internet to be UN-AWARE of diabetes in the United States … maybe you’ve heard of the obesity and diabetes “epidemic”?   If not… call me.

The vast majority of people do not know “facts” about diabetes… but helping to promote a group is not going to change that in a beneficial way.  There are many groups that have spent MILLIONS of dollars already…. the problem is not the effort…it’s the information being spewed forth.

3) I know that the ADA and ADA Minion do “some” good. Some of their work is beneficial… however in my opinion, the “bad” that they do far outweighs the beneficial acts. When you balance the promoting of a harmful meal plan to 24 million diabetics… how can you say they are “net beneficial”?

SO I PROMOTE that we make them stand up and listen.  How do we do that??? IN THE POCKET BOOK.   When they see a reduction in donations … maybe they will listen.  The negative is… Big Pharma and Big AgraBiz is likely to make up the difference, but it’s worth a try.

4) As far as raising awareness, I feel that I am doing my part, using my personal facebook page, a website and a blog.

What I do NOT do is place a blue ribbon on my avatars promoting an American Diabetes Ass. Approved “Awareness Program”..

What these “groups” want you to do, in my opinion, is to raise awareness for THEIR organization. Which would be fine IF they did NOT continue to encourage, coddle and enable the same high carb, “carb up and shoot up”, failed diabetes treatment program. The very same or similar failed diabetes management program that is supported by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

I can not in good conscience help “raise awareness” for Diabetes through an ADA Minion support group.  Why?

  • The ADA’s program is harmful to most of the 24 million diabetics and is helping to create more and more diabetics every day.
  • ADA and the ADA Minions promote the drugging of 50 million “pre-diabetics”. That’s why they want to raise awareness.  NOT to change their meal plan and reduce the numbers of diabetics…. but to enroll them all in a drug-plan.
  • Repeating myself but it needs stressing…. awareness is NOT the problem.  Informing people with the right dietary advice is…. and helping ADA raise a BILLION dollars will NOT change a thing.

Don’t believe me??  Go on ANY ADA supported group’s site and read their comments or forum posts.  You will become depressed and want to commit suicide in a few minutes. If the “gloom and doom” and the “pity parties” do not make you physically sick…. all the ADA Minion scrambling to “coddle and enable” harmful behavior will.

HELL, Liberty Medical or some other “Diabetes Profiteer” is running an ad on TV seemingly every hour of every day.

After DECADES of “raising 10’s of MILLIONS of dollars for awareness” … and years of promoting “awareness” on the internet and through American Diaebetes Association, through nutritionist, dietitians and even…. “Certified Diabetes Educators”….

…. 95% of the diabetics I talk to … do not have a clue about the benefits of a low carb and low inflammation meal plan.

EVERY DIABETIC I know that has tried “low carb primal” … Every Single PERSON , has reduced drugs and insulin. If you do not believe that is healthy…. then you are an ADA Minion… a Diabetic Profiteer…. a true Charlatan.

If you are a medical professional who provides care to diabetics and you do not promote a low carb primal meal plan… it is due to two reasons…

1) Intellectual laziness or…

2) Greed.

If your group supports the ADA’s “carb up and shoot up” meal plan….  please do not ask me to promote the “Diabetes Awareness Month”… Wilfred Brimley and those of his ilk have done more than enough to “raise awareness”.

Diabetics need people to raise awareness for a truly diabetic friendly, low carb primal meal plan. I WILL and in fact I am doing ALL I can do to raise awareness for that.

If you give your support, time and efforts to helping the ADA raise money … I salute your efforts and intentions. I do believe your efforts could be spent in more productive and efficient ways.


Steve Cooksey

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