Whose Side are YOU on?

Which side are you on?


This post originated from an online discussion I engaged in recently, I urge YOU to read this and think about ‘who’s side are you on?”

My only reason for participating  in nutritional debates or  ‘online discussions’? I’m hoping a few lurkers may be persuaded to at least check out a ‘low carb primal’ lifestyle. Rarely do the main participants actually re-think their positions…at least publicly.

In these discussions my tactics have changed over the years, I don’t try to out yell or out last my adversaries… most of the time. :)

Both sides can bring supporting studies and ‘real life’ success stories, so here’s what I do …typically.


1) I state my personal story, “About Me“.  A once sickly, obese, diabetic, carbage disposal…. who’s totally changed health and fitness around.

2) I provide a link to ‘known’ success stories “Paleo Stories” …  every single person improves health markers and reduces drug use.

3) Lastly, I state something like ….

Think about this, if you promote a low fat, low animal protein, high carb, grain based meal plan, you are promoting the same meal plan as…

  • you are promoting the same meal plan as the “Medical Industry” including American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and diabetes educators, etc.
  • you are promoting the same meal plan as chemical companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
  • you are promoting the same meal plan as large Big Food Corporations such as PepsiCo, Coco-Cola, Nestle’, Kellogg’s and General Mills.
  • you are promoting the same meal plan as Big Pharma (large drug companies).

Given the evidence in #1 and #2 and seeing that you are on the same “team”  nutritionally as Merck, PepsiCo and Monsanto…. is it not at least worth … a closer look?


The low fat, high carb, grain based meal plan is responsible for the epidemic of diabetes and obesity…. and has ONLY benefited those groups above. THIS alone should give you reason to pause.

By any measure the ‘low fat’ experiment is a complete and utter failure.


The phrase, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink definitely applies…. but if someone REALLY thinks about it, do you REALLY want to be on the same side as Monsanto, PepsiCo, the Medical Industry and Big Pharma?

They ALL have benefited and continue to benefit from the high carb, grain based meal plan.

The stench of greed and corruption is everywhere in the news these days…

Which side are you on?

Every single person who goes ‘low carb primal’  improves health markers and reduces drug use…. every single one.

Does it NOT make sense to ‘give it a try’?

Eat like this for one week >>  My Diabetes Diet

Walk and exercise like this for one week >>  My Primal Exercises


I urge you to do what I did.  Go “low carb primal”, improve your health and fitness by eating a low inflammation meal plan. Stop needlessly contributing to the bank accounts of Monsanto, PepsiCo, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry … I did. :)

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