Diabetes Warrior Forum 8

Forum Tab is Far Right Hand Side of the Header

I am so stoked!

Why?  I finally decided to add a forum to the website!!!

I actually added the forum over a week ago but we’ve been testing, experimenting and adding features.  We are ready to go LIVE! :)



To the right are the listing of the categories.

I won’t go through each of them… most are self explanatory.  I do want to mention a few of the more important.

Announcements - read the Forum guidelines first… please.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions  – this category is a “must see” for diabetics in my opinion.  Browse the existing questions and feel free to comment.

** If you have a question that is NOT already mentioned… PLEASE ASK IT!

Diabetes News – recent and important news to diabetics will be covered.

** This is my 2nd favorite category. I plan to use this as a ‘mini-blog’ where I can comment on the diabetes news of the day.

Rants / Whines – is there someone or something that irritates you, relating to diabetes care or treatment?  Blow off some steam here.

** It will be no surprise to many of you … this category is my favorite.  Like the category above, this will be a ‘mini-blog’ where I can rant about the state of diabetes care today…and those who affect it.

Recipes – post your favorite recipes! Please include links if you are using someone’s recipe.



The main reasons I am excited about the forum?

A) People will have a place to ask questions and read answers from people who are successfully treating their diabetes.  This is not theory that has been tainted by greed, laziness or ignorance… this is tested and ‘battle ready’.

B) I see the forum as a means to obtain feedback from people, to see the questions and problems that they are dealing with.  Obviously if one person has a question, there are likely to be many more who have that question as well.



Your participation, your feedback is crucial to this project.

If you have a question … please ask it in the forum.

If you have comments or suggestions… feel free to add them.

Hope to see you on the forum!

8 thoughts on “Diabetes Warrior Forum

  • Aimee

    Great story,
    I am so happy for you guys with type 2 diabetes, going paleo and getting off your meds. I have a very long story and should find where to write it on diabetes-warrior.net . I have had type 1 diabetes for nearly 41 years and have tried so many diets and supplements I can no longer count them all. I stumbled on Dr. Bernstein’s diet in 1996 and it literally saved my life, but I still wanted to heal and get off insulin injections so I tried the raw vegan diet for 7 years, with a lot of green juice fasting trying to get my injected, artificial insulin requirements down to zero. Took me 7 years to realize the raw vegan diet was making me weak, and sickly, and not healing me. Then in January of 2010 I started a paleo diet. I now eat about 20 grams of carbs a day, exercise nearly every day and eat butter for supper! I never thought I’d meet someone else who eats butter for a meal. My butter supper is 1.8 ounces of grass fed raw butter with colostrum, Dandy Blend and Mucuna, all very low in carbs and 7 Brazil nuts. I still take injected artificial insulin (16 units a day) and still hope for a day that my body learns to make its own. Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing to help save the world! If you have any suggestions for me or other type 1′s please post them, thank you!

  • Robert James

    Hi Steve from Downunder, I think this will be THE forum for thinking diabetics, the resources here on your site are nothing short of spectacular, the truth is here and those that would suppress know it. with the issue you are going through at the moment.
    We are going through a free speech issue in Australia at the moment, a 400 odd page report is nothing short of totalitarian in nature, all suggestion at the moment but with a manipulated non-mandated government in power they will promise anything to anyone to get restrictive legislation through. A media watchdog who suggests anyone with alternate views on Climate Change should not have, imagine what they will do with proven natural health alternatives.
    Good luck with this forum Steve, supporting 110%