Blog Summary & January, February Most Viewed

I did not do a summary for January … events related to the ‘site’s investigation’ prevented me from doing so.

Therefore this month, I’ll do a January, February “Most Viewed” list.

Blog Summary:

In January and February the blog continued it’s ‘ever increasing’ views and visits.  All blog statistics have skyrocketed… views, visits, pages viewed, hits etc … all.   So from a ‘spreading the message’ standpoint … I am most appreciative to the North Carolina Board of Nutritionists and Dietetics (NCBND).

Investigation Summary:

I have been advised to remain quiet about the investigation regarding legal issues and status…. and I will do so until I have formal legal representation.   Then I will of course take their ‘counsel’.

I will just say that at this point… I have had no further contact with the NCBND.

I do want to say once again (but not the last time) … thank you ALL for your continued support.  It truly does mean much to me and convinces me that my path is true and worth traveling. :)



Last but certainly not least, before I list the most viewed, I need to mention the addition of the FORUM! :)   Click here for the link to take you to the forum.   Click here for a post I dedicated to the project.


January Most Viewed

1) This Site and Free Speech - the post about the Investigation, is the most viewed post of all time on my blog. “Brief Update” is an update post which included an audio/video interview I did with Jimmy Moore. .

2. Paula Dean and Diabetes - this post would have easily been my most viewed post had it not been for the investigation. :)

3.  Trouble Eating Fat? Could be your gallbladder.   Self explanatory I believe… :)

4. Is it just me or is the ADA…  I think you can guess where this post goes… :)

5. Living an Interesting and Primal Life - I really like this post… so therefore … READ IT!!! :)


February Most Viewed

1. This Site and Free Speech - repeat of above… no surprise to me. :)   Should I thank the North  Carolina Board of Nutritionists and Dietetics… again? :)

2.  Bacon Butter and Coffee Food Post …. updated with a tbs of Coconut Oil :)

3.  Grilled Bacon and Beef – another food post… these pictures were awesome! IMHO. :)

4. How to Reduce Blood Sugar –  people … if you are diabetic, READ THIS!  If you know someone who is diabetic …send it to them.

5.  Happy 3 Year Anniversary! - a post noting the 3rd year anniversary since my diabetes diagnosis.

6. Want to Know Why?  A story of a gentleman who has totally changed his life…. it’s stories like this that tell me unequivocally … I am on the right path and I will not waver. :)


Before I say goodbye … thank you again for your support. :)

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