Listen to the experts of diabetes care? 8

Do not listen to me. Listen to the so called ‘experts’ of diabetes care.

  • I was obese, drug and insulin dependent, with elevated blood sugars.
  • Since 2009, I am  normal weight, blood sugar, drug and insulin FREE!


I was  drug and insulin dependent, taking (4) insulin shots per day,  just to survive. Today, and since 2009 I THRIVE, not ‘just’ survive.


Today:  and since March ’09, I have been normal weight,  truly normal blood sugars and completely drug and insulin free!

Just because I am someone who had reached the deep depths of diabetes despair after a diabetes diagnosis and clawed my way back to being  ‘normal’ ….

Just because I talk the talk AND walk the walk…


Here’s how I eat, click here. 

Here is how I lower my blood sugar if it rises. 

Instead, listen to the ‘experts’ of diabetes care.

Experts in diabetes care profit from your continual need for drugs and diabetes services… so by all means listen and heed  the advice from those that profit from your continual decline in health.  THEY will be glad you did.


Diabetes Care from the “Experts”

A friend of mine shared with me the link below, this was sent to them via an email,  a few weeks before this post was written.

All starts out pretty reasonable,   in the videos from this article “Carbohydrates in the Diabetes Diet

“carbohydrates will turn into sugar”

Fascinating… tell me more?  :)  The lady begins to mention the carbohydrates that turn into sugar….

“wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice … bread, pasta, crackers, cereals, tortillas, corn, corn meal, rice, vegetables, fruits, sweets, milk and yogurt”

I personally disagree with yogurt, but then again I eat the ‘plain’ full milk yogurt… no sugar added.  If you decide to eat it …  test test test!

Summary: All in all, this first video was pretty good information.  So how does an expert know that carbohydrates cause blood sugar to rise… and yet still promotes a high carb, grain based meal plan???   A meal plan that causes the need for more and more drugs…and damaging high blood sugars?

That is the  question.


The next video ….  in the series, “Facts about Carbs” , this has a ‘Registered Dietitian’ Sarah Aligood (sp?) speaking, being an RD you know she’s likely to be a grain pusher.  She did not disappoint.

“Carbohydrates are absolutely essential in a diet”

= WRONG! Your body produces all the glucose it needs via gluconeogensis.  If you only learn one thing from me… learn that we do not require carbs to survive nor THRIVE!

Next she says, “You need carbs for proper brain function” ……………..this woman is so ignorant.  What’s worse, her ignorance is harming people who listen to her!!!

Your body (including your brain) does require glucose but again your body produces all it needs through gluconeogenesis!

Any person with a brain and yearning to learn the truth will know… humans do not require carbohydrates to survive… NOR TO THRIVE! 

I wrote a post about it, “Why Low Carb Works


I won’t go into all of her other ridiculous claims… except this one…

“cutting carbs is certainly not going to help your health and could actually harm it”.

The advice above has been repeated to millions of diabetics across the globe… and harms each of them that heed that advice.

In the next video, Andrew Weil says something about 50-60% of calories from carbohydrates… and I turned it off.  That’s about as much failed conventional wisdom as I can stand for one day.  I don’t know if there were any more videos after that… I’d seen enough.


By the way, my typical day includes about 2-3% of calories from carbohydrates… and has been for three years.


In Summary

The reason I shared these pathetic examples of  diabetes care ‘experts’ ?

To show you that EVEN in 2013 people are still being mislead by ‘highly educated’ medical industry professionals.

You can listen to those experts who promote a high carb grain based meal plan….

… or you can look at my example… I eat mostly fatty meats and low carb vegetables … like this. :)


So why do these so called ‘experts’ promote a high carb, grain based meal plan???   Is it…


A) Intellectual Laziness

B) Willful ignorance

C) Greed

D) All of the Above 

8 thoughts on “Listen to the experts of diabetes care?

  • Elisabett

    Your blog is very inspiring, with many great ideas. I am the mother of a newly diagnosed type 1 little boy. We started eating paleo the day we left hospital. Keep up the valuable posts.

  • Dule

    I just read about you in article from Dr. Mercola and thought that might be worth to look at you. And I’ve not been wrong. Thank you for sharing your experience. Later I’ll be back and read all you wrote, until that
    Goodbye from Slovenia (EU)
    apologize for my english, it’s not my first language

  • staverts

    Steve, I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but didn’t know where to put it. Long Story Short…You’re saving my life. One night I was watching NHL Japan, and on comes this Story about how they fed all these diabetics the paleo Diet for half a year, Type I and II, and most of them went OFF meds and one even went off insulin…the worst case was one of the japanese woman, who had EYE BLEEDS her sugar was so out of control, she was GOING BLIND..anyways, it was a huge revelation. Then, while researching, I found your site..I followed your diet for about a month initially, and dropped close to 25 pounds and brought down my blood sugar to 5.9 (I’m in canada, so different glucose measurements)..I fell off the wagon a little, but generally stayed within good range…I exercise and eat Paleo every day…and I feel GREAT!! And it was your menu in particular, that allowed me to be successful, and stay sane…If I wounldn’t have had that menu and all of your info about eating..I would be cooked…Pardon the expression ;) The ADA, CDA and the Corolina board of whatever they are…can go pound sand.

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