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Dry Aging! … MEAT! 1

Regarding the title, I eat so much fat… you know I’m not ‘dry aging’. :) Eating a meal plan that is ‘heavy’ in fatty meats… some might think I would get bored with that… let me assure you, “I DO NOT!”  (Click here to see my meal plan links, including a sample, food posts. etc) […]

dry aging 6


Update 8/2/2012 4

My first post since May … my apologies for the long delay. Much has happened since May.  I won’t go into the investigation and my lawsuit against the state of NC in this post … I’ll try to write an update on that topic soon. What this post IS about … an update on ‘Steve’. […]

Grilled Primal Salmon Patties 6

With the “Investigation” , my latest “Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo” experiment and the Continuous Glucose Tests, “ADA Can’t Touch This” … I have not done many food posts this year. I finally got around to doing one. :)    (Click here for all of the food posts… all Diabetes Friendly) I have made ‘broiled’ […]



Grilled Chicken Wings 2

Two of my most popular (and my personal favorites)  food posts are “Primal Chili” and “Low Carb Chicken Wings“. I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify… immediately!  I did not have a food post on ‘Grilled Chicken Wings!”. As always… grilling adds a nice smokey flavor that adds variety to foods that […]

Braised Chicken, Tomato and Bacon

If you are new to the blog … all of my foods are grain and gluten free!  I also avoid added sugar, veggie oils and ‘milk’. Food Related Pages 1. Diabetes Warrior Meal Plan 2. Diabetes Warrior Food Posts 3. A Sample Menu **Click all pictures to enlarge.   Ingredients – 1 lb of chicken […]


A primal shake with cinnamon and cocoa added! :)

High Fat Protein Shake 6

The title of this post could also be “primal eggnog”, “high fat smoothie”, “low carb smoothie” or “primal smoothie”…. etc. During the holiday season I checked out Mark Sisson’s Eggnog recipe, “Eggnog“, I used the quick version at the very bottom of the post.  It’s quick, simple and easy… just the way I like it! […]