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Omelettes 101

Omelettes can be a ‘vehicle’ for many meats and vegetables. I urge you again to open your mind to new foods and new food preparations.


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Four Minute Eggs and Foraged Greens.

This is how I make purrrrrfect 4-minute eggasm. Enjoy! :)

Chicken Bacon? YES!!

Please read this post with an open mind… Chicken Bacon = SO GOOD!!

Honest!! :)



Homemade Pork Rinds… Diabetes Friendly?

Homemade pork rinds are SO GOOD!!! And so good for you. It is a high fat, moderate protein food source and most importantly it is…. Diabetes Friendly!!!

Creativity in the Kitchen: Egg Hats

To many, following a low carb primal meal plan is very limiting (at least initially) … Therefore being creative in the kitchen and having a willingness to explore other foods and other food preparation techniques is important.

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I <3 Coconut Oil! Plus BG test with Butter and Coffee

Do not listen to the pathetic advice spewed by the lackeys of Big Food and Big Pharma when they tell you saturated fats are harmful! Most will tell you that saturated fats cause diabetes!!! … their ignorance is beyond disgraceful!

Eating “Low Carb Paleo” is so SIMPLE!

The key to not only surviving… but THRIVING with diabetes is proper eating. Exercise is important but eating is the key.
Open your mind and explore different foods, textures and flavors. You truly have nothing to lose… and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

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Dandelions? Nutritious? Diabetes Friendly? 1

… on what PLANET does it seem logical to pollute our environment with toxins, to kill nutritious plants?
Answer: On a planet dominated by large corporations who are hell bent on being the ONLY source of ‘food’ … Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestle’, PepsiCo etc.

The Best Pizza Crust… EVER! And Truly Diabetes Friendly! All HAIL FAT HEAD! 2

This food post concerns the greatest pizza crust … EVER! All hail FAT HEAD!!!   I say that because this ‘recipe’ comes from Tom Naughton’s low carb site’s post, “Fat Head Pizza Crust“.  Tom’s a super cool dude who has contributed greatly to the ‘low carb’ cause.   Some say […]

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Poblano Peppers, Tomatoes & Potato Starch

My first food post in a LONG time. Why?  My foods are so simple now, for the most part.  I typically cook meat with a handful of veggies. However, I recently tried something different and I wanted to share because  I think it can make a difference for some of […]