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Regarding the title, I eat so much fat… you know I’m not ‘dry aging’. :) Eating a meal plan that is ‘heavy’ in fatty meats… some might think I would get bored with that… let me assure you, “I DO NOT!”  (Click here to see my meal plan links, including […]

Dry Aging! … MEAT!

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My first post since May … my apologies for the long delay. Much has happened since May.  I won’t go into the investigation and my lawsuit against the state of NC in this post … I’ll try to write an update on that topic soon. What this post IS about […]

Update 8/2/2012

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  I have made ‘broiled’ salmon patties many times based on this crab cake recipe from MarksDailyApple, “Primal Crab Cakes” but this time I added a little twist… I grilled them. :) ** Note: I’ll restate this below but the key is properly lubricating the grill. I  use a metal […]

Grilled Primal Salmon Patties

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Two of my most popular (and my personal favorites)  food posts are “Primal Chili” and “Low Carb Chicken Wings“. I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify… immediately!  I did not have a food post on ‘Grilled Chicken Wings!”. As always… grilling adds a nice smokey flavor that […]

Grilled Chicken Wings