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Diabetic Food Journals

In summing up my diabetic food journals thus far… I have been eating ‘this way’ since 2009. I am in the best fitness of my adult life, I have normal weight, normal blood pressure and normal blood sugars.

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As sincerely as I can say it … I am so thankful for … DIABETES!

I do not say this lightly, I know that my type 1 friends will never be able to say this… however I do state this publicly because the 300 million diabetics on the planet need to hear this.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Paleo

Fiver years ago the common thought was that diabetes was a progressive and debilitating disease… now I and many others know that is simply NOT true.

Today, the common thought is that Alzheimer’s is a progressive and debilitating disease… but is it true? Or is this more failed conventional wisdom?



Very Low Carb, High Fat Diabetic Update

On 6/17/2014 I woke up and weighed… 156 lbs, that is my lowest weight since my junior year in HIGH SCHOOL when I weighed 155 lbs!!

Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo Experiment is over…. or is it? 41

Today is day 32 of my “Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo”  30 day experiment.  In other words I am continuing the ‘experiment’. :) Why?  I have experienced no detrimental effects due to the experiment… it’ s been all positive. Here is my typical meal plan.   Instead of talking about all […]

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Half Way, 30 Day, Very Low Carb, Strict Paleo – Update 4

This is NOT an April Fool’s post… it is NOT.   If you eat and move as I do…  I will all but guarantee it will add years to your life and add life to your years. I am doing another experiment.  You can see previous posts on it here […]

Very Low Carb Paleo Experiment – Week One 2

Last week I started a new experiment … that’s also a new challenge.  Here’s the first post, “Nagging Question“. Before I get into this post too much, let me just say… AHHHHGGG! And that’s a good thing, I’ll explain later. :)   Why This Experiment? 1) Primary Reason …  In […]

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Ollie... chillaxing. :)

My Primal Christmas 2011

Occasionally I write posts to help illustrate just what living according to the “The Primal Blueprint” has done for me. In the first section of this post I will provide my workouts and in the second section I’ll discuss foods. These are the foods and exercises from Christmas Eve to […]

Saturated Fats & Cholesterol are Good? 4

This post will be discussing cholesterol and fats!  Someone asked me to address this as part of my survey taken several weeks ago. Here is the original survey post and here is the follow up. Please take the survey if you have not done so. Before I begin I want to […]


Brad posing with the Ping Pong paddle?

Thriving in Wilmington, NC

I had to drive my son back to Wilmington, NC and yesterday was my first full day. I wanted to give you an idea of my ‘day’ so you would see that at 50 years old, as a former diabetic and formerly obese  person… I am TRULY THRIVING!!! … not […]