Wall of Shame

If you turn over a rock in the nutrition industry ... you'll find the money of Big Food and smell the stench of greed.I have spent little ink on the American Society of Nutrition or ASN. The American Society of Nutrition may be EVEN worse than the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. How so? I'll tell you why. :)

Vilest Villain? American Society of Nutrition

You can listen to people like Courtney "Toxic Sludge" Slater .... someone who read that soy, hydrogenated veggie oils and whole grains are healthy in a book.Or you can listen to people like me... people who are actually successfully treating diabetes with a truly diabetic friendly self-treatment plan. People who are actually THRIVING!!! The choice is up to you.

Certified Diabetes Educator Exchange

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What year is this, 1970? What... it's 2014?amy-campbell40 plus years after the failed low fat, high carb campaign and we still have harmful advice coming from a so called 'diabetes educators' promoting a high carb, grain based meal plan.40 plus years of miserable failure in not only not preventing diabetes ... but in treating diabetes.

Amy Campbell and Joslin … Paid to provide pain.

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A medical industry member is parroting harmful information. Just like 'highly educated' certified diabetes educators, just like doctors, just like nutritionists etc etc. ... they all (or almost all) promote a high carb, low fat, grain based meal plan for diabetics!And it causes untold pain and suffering... needlessly!!!

When being a Diabetes Parrot … causes untold pain and ...