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The doctor said that it's not uncommon for a pancreas to re-start, but that the honeymoon period doesn't last very long. I'm sure he was right, if people eat a 'carb up and shoot up' diabetes diet and medical industry's diabetes protocols. For me, following a low carb paleo meal plan and lifestyle... the honeymoon is now in year seven!!

MY First Year with DIABETES

  Update 9/2/2011  –  while I still do eat more salads than I did ‘pre-diabetes’ …  I mainly eat meats.  The vegetables if I do eat them are more of a side dish now. :) —– Since going Primal, I eat more salads than I did pre-diabetes … but I […]

Granny’s Skillet … and cooking “Low Carb Primal”

Chicken wings are full of healthy fats and proteins. If you use truly healthy means to cook, spice and coat them... they can be an important food for you. My family and friends love these low carb paleo chicken wings! It's a win, win, win!

Low Carb Paleo Chicken Wings

Why would a diabetes educator make derogatory comments about me? Why would she say mean, hateful things about me? ... because I make bold, accurate and statements...

Unhelpful, Unkind and Twisted!