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The pain and suffering continues to grow... who benefits from this? Not the people of the world. Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry all profit. 100's of millions suffer, while a relative few profit.

Diabetes and Obesity Epidemic Grows

Quote of the DAY (QOD): You simply don’t need to eat carbohydrates to exercise. — Kurt G. Harris MD Post Topic: Keeping a Food Journal   Update: This post originally ran in April 2010, my overnight fasting blood sugars had been inexplicably higher than normal.  Creeping into the lower 100’s … […]

My First Food Journal – Why I did it?

Quote of the DAY (QOD): It also begs the question of why cardiologist keep thinking that the cholesterol fed rat (or the equally poisoned Syrian hamster) has anything to do with human arteriosclerosis. – Petro Dobromylskyj Learn From My Mistakes I have Diabetes but I have never been officially “typed”, […]

Daily BS 4/14/10 ~ Journal & Learn from my error

This was a diet and exercise ‘experiment’. Below is a picture of the “stats” for the 4 days. So… why did I embark on this Experiment? Reason #1 : Talking from Experience I will not bore you with my “story”, but if you are a new reader you can view […]

Chronic Cardio? Say It Ain’t So… Steve!