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I am ending my journal entries for awhile. I know… this is not FRONT PAGE news but I wanted to let everyone know who may care so they can check out the summary. (below) FYI – I changed my mind…. several people found this valuable so I will continue. […]

Off Grid?

Update: Since I originally wrote this post  much has been made about the ‘money connections’ with  members of the government. the medical industry should wear nascar-style jackets. government officials should wear nascar-style jackets. A suggestion was made that people in government should wear uniforms like Nascar drivers showing who is […]

Financial Disclosure for Diabetes Advisors? – Nascar Jacket Style?

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post “See, hear and Speak No Evil….”. It is a story of a friend of mine and his battle with Crohns Disease. I also discuss the similarities in treatment and in poor medical advice for both Diabetes and Crohns from the medical establishment. In […]

Same Ole Song and Dance

See Hear Speak 4
Low carb paleo benefits many diseases, not just diabetes. I've seen it improve the lives of so many. The key is eating and living more in tune with how we were designed to eat and live.

Not Just Diabetes

BG monitor 5
According to the American Diabetes Association in 2007 :     (yes I am linking to “that” site… ) Total: 23.6 million in the United States—7.8% of the population—have diabetes. Diagnosed: 17.9 million people Undiagnosed: 5.7 million people Pre-diabetes: 57 million people …so if we do some basic math, Voila!! […]

Diabetes Facts & Symptoms

Max on the Bed 8
Just wanted to give you a snap shot of my past 24 hours…ending this morning.  It was a pretty solid time for me.  I have  Type 2 Diabetes… yes I am a diabetic who takes  -0- drugs , -0- insulin since March ’09. I do follow, The Primal Blueprint, Click […]

My Diabetes Moments …past 24 hours

Diabetic Shot 9
I placed the date in the title for a reason…. I do not have high hopes for a change in the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE). In case I am right, I want to be able to use the same title next year… :( Why am I so negative about […]

Summary of Diabetes Educator Rants

July and August 2010 Food Journal Summary 2
I have not posted a Food Journal Summary in awhile… so here is an update on the execution of my low carb food pyramid. Instead of ranting against the American Diabetes Association or their Minions … a brief repose from ADA basing…. *ha* :) I log every thing I eat […]

My Food Journal Since July 1, ’10

If you were the President of the national group representing diabetes educators, would you cozy up to a group dedicated to promoting their harmful products to the diabetics?  The American Association of Diabetes Educators does. The Sugar Ass. had a booth at the national diabetes educator’s convention. The Diabetes Educators group was […]

Sugar Ass. and Diabetes Educators

ADA Minion 16
This is just a teaser…. a snippet of an email from an ADA Minion. The ADA (American Diabetes Ass) promotes a meal plan that is LOADED with carbs.  IF YOU doubt that the ADA MEAL PLAN is a high carbohydrate meal plan… please review my post HERE. I am a […]

ADA Minion Spotlight

The Accord Diabetes Care Study is used to harm and mislead diabetics every single day.  People with alternative motives use the Accord Study to convince diabetics that ‘strict control’ is harmful. Following a low carb paleo diabetes diet with strict control is the best way to manage diabetes The Accord […]

Decoding the Accord Diabetes Care Study

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Another school year nears and schooling is in conversations. Did you hear about the proposal to issue ‘E’ grades in school?  This got me to thinking… what grade would we assign the ADA?? We should judge them against their mission statement, the American Diabetes Ass.’s mission statement is… well, I’ll […]

Grading American Diabetes Ass. on a Curve

Does this look D-LISH ?!?!?! 9
One of the first foods that I gravitated towards after my Diabetes diagnosis (other than meat) was... eggs. Eggs are a nearly perfect food and yes, eggs are diabetes friendly.

Frittata and Eggs are Diabetes Friendly

Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry all profit from diabetes. Diabetes “costs” us all greatly, for non-diabetics it’s ‘only’ money, but for diabetics it’s money and quality of life issues. Diabetes Money Trail Greed for money and power are the root of many of our planet’s ills.   […]

Diabetes Money Trail

I am an easy going guy… I usually do not let things get to me. HOWEVER, since being diagnosed with Diabetes and seeing what a low carb food pyramid can do … I really get angry when someone promotes a high carb meal plan as being the preferred diabetic diet. […]

ADA Minion’s Diabetes Myths