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Yes, the blog is on a “cartoon jag”. I have several in mind and while I could create these and schedule “posts” …  patience has never been a characteristic of mine. :) This was said yesterday, “cartoons fit your humor” … not sure if that was a compliment or not… […]

Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Cartoon

If it appears that I am attempting to embarrass  “ADA Minions” …  sometimes situations are as they appear.   :) The conversation below is based on talks that not only I have had with Certified Diabetes Educators but from numerous reports from other Diabetics.  So this is a true representation […]

It would be comical … if not so sad.

Caterpillar Fungus 4
I want to thank Stacey Clayton for posting this article, a listing of  “12 of the Most Disgusting Delicacies”  …  it reminded me to do this post. Growing up, my brother and I had to eat at least one bite of everything on our plates. If I heard my dad say this […]

You can’t eat… WHAT?

Are you ... inflamed? 9
In my opinion low carb primal is THE best way for all humans to eat. There are many variations within the “primal meal plan”… you don’t have to eat just as I do, especially if you are NON-diabetics. Living according to “The Primal Blueprint” is the best way to live […]

Inflammation Causes & Detection

Intermittent fasting is diabetes friendly. Why? Because removing the dietary fuel for elevated blood sugars will eventually cause your blood sugars to decrease, requiring less insulin, allowing your pancreas to rest.

Intermittent Fasting is Diabetes Friendly

The spotlight today shines on Liberty Medical and their diabetic recipes. It has earned them a place on the “Wall Of Shame”. Liberty Medical sells  these items on their website below… Glucose Meters PerfectPoint Lancet Insulin Supplies Insulin Pumps Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems I know I say this about every […]

ADA Minion Spotlight – Liberty Medical

I have a very short fuse when it comes to people promoting a high carb diet to diabetics like the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. They disgust me and this post will show you why they are on my diabetes wall of shame.

New Wall of Shame Inductee Diabetic Chef

* Note:  You can click on any picture for a full sized view… I encourage that. :) … usually my most favorite primal meal … is the one I’m eating or have eaten last. Having said that, here is my NEWEST Favorite Primal Meal!!! Ingredients: Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs […]

Primal Chili, Bacon and Eggs

No… sadly,  this was not a dream where all the people ran around in loin cloths. HA! This was a day dream concerning our national nutrition … Imagine a time when an overweight teenage boy goes to the pediatrician. The boy and his parents are sitting in the doctors office […]

My Paleo Dream left side navbar
Background: I have ranted and railed against the American Diabetes Association (ADA) numerous times.   That was fun…and therapeutic but there was no “sport in it”… the ADA is an easy mark. The high carb diabetes diet they promote harms people….every day AND the ADA is paid by Monsanto, BigPharma […]

Wall of Shame

I have recipes for Meatwich (click here) , Meat Muffin (click here)  and other TRULY DIABETIC RECIPES (click here) …….. today I woke up thinking of a possible new recipe. I had just bought 4 – 6 oz,  “Fillet of Sirloin” steaks for $4.66 per pound.  They were thick and […]

Meat Roll

Ok, pretend for a moment YOU are THE MOST influential Diabetic Organization in the world and your “Healthy Living Magazine” website was sharing an article on, ‘the causes of diabetes’. You as THE leading diabetes organization in the world have a unique opportunity to help MILLIONS, perhaps BILLIONS of people.

Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?