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What is this non-sense?    How can Primal Living be hazardous to your health? Truth be told… there are alternate Post Titles that would be equally appropriate, such as: 1) Ketone Infused Brain can be dangerous. 2) Idiocy is hazardous. 3) Use common sense when exercising…. 4) Don’t Show Off […]

Primal Living can be…Hazardous (Confession)

I was pondering a new report by an insurance company (United Healthcare)  stating that, “DIABETES rate could reach 50% by 2020!” As I read and thought about the article … I remembered a question that has been nagging me for some time.  Why are the insurance companies NOT more involved […]

Insurance….and Diabetes

I want to make this clear… I do not seek out people or businesses to harass.  I only attempt to correct… “misunderstandings, untruths or deceptions” Often times in the course of “correcting” those issues mentioned above, the ADA Minion in question will attempt to lie or deceive further…resulting in a […]

ADA Minion Spotlight…. GrainHead

To me… nothing says primal “X”  like sprints.  For some it may be lifting heavy things or squats, lunges etc … but for me it’s sprinting. I was once obese so it was a special treat when I was able to once again run sprints.  I still remember my first […]

Primal X (11-21-10)

This recipe… like ALL of my recipes are so simple… even a caveman can do it. The advantages to cooking in a broiler pan … you can make large batches of food that can be frozen for later use. Note:  This recipe works best with Rendered Bacon Fat… the “recipe” […]

Broiled Bacon & Chicken

This blog post is my commentary regarding a video interview with Stuart Perry, former Chairman of the Board for the American Diabetes Association. Note: I am doing a month long nutritional test that is requiring me to “prick” my fingers much more often than normal to test my blood sugar…. […]

Vid: Top ADA Minion

No excuses... you know Low Carb Paleo Works for Diabetes. Now it's on you. YOU have the information. If you choose to continue on the high carb diabetic diet of the American Diabetes Association and harming your health... it's ON YOU!

Proof Low Carb Paleo Works

My thoughts on this recent article in the New York Times, “Protecting Yourself From the Cost of Type 2 Diabetes” … “ONE in 10 Americans has diabetes, and if present trends continue, one in three will suffer from the disease by the year 2050, according to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

Cost of Type 2 Diabetes

When I posted the first article , “ADA, What Diabetes Looks Like”, it was in response to a Twitter Post by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In the post the ADA asked, “What does Diabetes look like to you?” … If you missed the original article, you can find it by clicking […]

What Diabetes looks like. (part 2)

This post concerns a study regarding Glucose Levels as a predictor of Post Operative Mortality, the link to the study is below. Preoperative Glucose Levels Predict 1-Year Mortality After Surgery “At 1 year after noncardiac surgery, high preoperative glucose levels are associated with higher mortality rates.” This means, you have […]

Glucose Predicts Mortality Rates

Not only do we fatten ourselves up with grains like cattle (corn is a grain) but we are also doing the same to our canine companions. ARGH!

Cause of Canine Diabetes

The picture below is the twitter page “bio” for THE  American Diabetes Association.  Just a quick comment before we move on to the “meat” of the post. (The ADA dislikes meat, they recommend only 5 oz per day. )  The ADA says, “… leading the fight to stop diabetes and […]

ADA, “What Diabetes Looks Like?”

On Twitter, you will see 100’s of  American Diabetes Association (ADA) Minion posts (called tweets) each day.  Many of these Twitter posts are blatant attempts to sell or market products or services to diabetics….and are easy to ignore.  Some of the more sophisticated ADA Minion will cloak their intentions in […]

Joslin… Harming Diabetics