Year: 2010

Proof Low Carb Paleo Works

No excuses… you know Low Carb Paleo Works for Diabetes.

Now it’s on you. YOU have the information.

If you choose to continue on the high carb diabetic diet of the American Diabetes Association and harming your health… it’s ON YOU!

ADA Minion Spotlight – Liberty Medical

The spotlight today shines on Liberty Medical and their diabetic recipes. It has earned them a place on the “Wall Of Shame”. Liberty Medical sells  these items on their website below… Glucose Meters PerfectPoint Lancet Insulin Supplies Insulin Pumps Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems I know I say this about every ADA Minion… but … “Liberty …

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My Paleo Dream

No… sadly,  this was not a dream where all the people ran around in loin cloths. HA! This was a day dream concerning our national nutrition … Imagine a time when an overweight teenage boy goes to the pediatrician. The boy and his parents are sitting in the doctors office and the the doctor after …

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Wall of Shame

Background: I have ranted and railed against the American Diabetes Association (ADA) numerous times.   That was fun…and therapeutic but there was no “sport in it”… the ADA is an easy mark. The high carb diabetes diet they promote harms people….every day AND the ADA is paid by Monsanto, BigPharma and the Sugar Lobby for …

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Meat Roll

I have recipes for Meatwich (click here) , Meat Muffin (click here)  and other TRULY DIABETIC RECIPES (click here) …….. today I woke up thinking of a possible new recipe. I had just bought 4 – 6 oz,  “Fillet of Sirloin” steaks for $4.66 per pound.  They were thick and somewhat round in shape…. so …

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