Year: 2010

Primal Pork Shoulder

People frequently ask me for recipes, honestly my cooking is usually so simple it’s kind of embarrassing to post the “recipe”. However, embarrassing myself has rarely stopped me from doing/saying anything. :) truly diabetic friendly pork shoulder recipe low carb barbecue sauce recipe   That’s right friends, I give you a wonderful pork shoulder food …

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This is a post concerning an A1C test and instruction on using the A1CNow product….not to be confused with OI812 Test…they are very different. … sorry… I had to inject a little humor…ok…it was very little. *HA* This is a “GUEST POST” by Brian Seib.  (what happened to the rule … “i” before “e” except after …

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Meatwich Updated!

Before going fully ‘low carb paleo’, I was concerned about several things including my ability to stay with the meal plan given the more limited food offerings. Trust me on this, do not be concerned!