Year: 2011

Fat Fast, Day 3

I am experimenting again … eating only butter, cream and coconut oil.  Here is the introduction and Day 1 post, “Fat Fast Day 1.” In yesterday’s post, “Day 2” … I ranted against the ADA and their ridiculous anti-saturated fat stance in addition to providing details on my fat fast. In this post I will talk briefly …

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Evaluate & Examine

Objectively and critically examine your life and lifestyle to see what can be changed or tweaked to improve overall health and fitness.

Intense Exercise is GOOD!!! … but too much, too often may have adverse affects.

Bacon & Smelt

Some may consider this food post ‘bizarre’ or unusual…. it’s just fish and bacon. I have talked about the importance of eating non-traditional foods and expanding your food varieties. Here is a post dedicated to the subject, “Bizarre Foods“.  Here is a post with foods that I called bizarre, “Cactus, Fish and Bacon“.  Of course, …

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