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Beef heart is nutritious, delicious and diabetes friendly. I thoroughly enjoy the way I eat, the way I exercise… indeed the WAY I LIVE!!!

Have a Heart … a Beef Heart.

Brief Intro I am in an almost constant state of experimentation … or so it seems.  Here is a post on some of my experiments. :) Someone said that we are all living experiments and I agree. For most of my life, I was an experiment to see how much punishment […]

Diabetes, Dairy and Me

Carnitas are so ‘me’ ….. I love cooking simple but flavorful meals AND Carnitas are BOTH.   And… once the pork roast is slow cooked…it’s quick too! I want to thank my friend Lily Pink for suggesting these. As she mentioned… the basic recipe works great for many different meats. […]

Carnitas…simple and EASY!

Too often, 'we' take drugs so we can eat cakes, cookies, bread, grains, cereals and chips. Taking drugs so we can consume more poison... is not a wise idea. Yet, millions do it every day.

Diabetes Reader Comment

Nutritional policy is coated in sugar. The US's national dietitians group, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics's diabetics dietary advice is influenced by corporate sponsors.

Diabetes Care is Coated in Sugar

First let me say… I walk and run in my yard barefooted regularly …  while it is possible a rock or other sharp object could lay beneath the snow, it’s highly unlikely. Too, the snow is fresh and soft, it also provides a nice cushion. I also run sprints barefooted […]

Snowy … Primal X

In the previous post, I posted pictures of our trip to Wilmington, NC (and Wrightsville Beach).  In this post I will be showing people the food choices I made during the 36 hours away from home. Above is “my” low carb primal meal plan… did I stick to it? On a […]

Road Trip … Walking the walk

The pictures were taken January 4-5, 2011 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. … included are a couple of updated pictures of me… it’s been many months since I’ve posted any… but as you can see, I’m still about the same. I’ve been in the 160 – 170 lb range for well […]

Pictures from Wrightsville Beach

Does Red Meat Kill??? … of course NOT. In this post we’ll discuss an article “Eating Lots of Red Meat Ups Women’s Stroke Risk“. The article reports on a Swedish study and suggests red meat consumption increases stroke risk. I’ll prove: red meat did not cause an increase in stroke risk […]

Red Meat KILLS?

many Many MANY THANKS! For all of the support last year. I started this blog officially in June of 2010 and each month saw an increase in views, visits etc…. so thank you for that.  It is very satisfying to see the growth as the blog strives to educate, motivate […]

Diabetes Warrior, Year in Review