Month: March 2011

Diabetic my BUTT!

Hey, successfully managing diabetes is a beautiful thing! We are managing our insulin resistance and/or reduced pancreatic function with a low carb paleo approach.

It is a beautiful thing! But it’s not a cure for diabetes.

Everyone Should Do This!!!

If you read and heed the advice of a leading cardiologist, who also happens to be a diabetic… EVERYONE not ‘just’ diabetics should be doing this!!! What is ‘this’? Periodically Testing your blood sugar…  Yes, even non-diabetics should test their blood sugar monthly, quarterly or yearly. These are Normal “Non-diabetic” scores, any numbers above these …

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Primal Humor

… I like to say that I attempt to motivate, educate and entertain.  Part of the ‘entertainment’ is comedy and to be honest… some of my comedy is not funny… to others. :) I do use a fair amount of self deprecating humor… but this post is about a joke I pulled on my wife. …

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Bacon Bites

I said this low carb, paleo bacon bites recipe, is perfect for anyone’s diabetic diet and could be a solid foundation to anyone’s meal plan. This recipe and it’s companion “Bacon Cups” are perfect for our low carb paleo ‘way of eating’.

Bacon Cups

Here’s a picture to keep you interested… I hope.   If you like this recipe, you may also like “Bacon Bites” or “Meat Muffins“. Ingredients: – Bacon – I used Thick Cut Peppered Bacon and I used 12 pieces for 12 ‘muffin slots’ … not sure what you call them.  You may want an extra …

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