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This week, the World’s Largest ADA Minion Party convened…. What? You did not know about it??? It’s a time when all the ADA Minion come together and slap each other on the back and tell each other what a great job they are doing. The American Diabetes Association published a […]

Chief Scientific ADA Minion Speaks

Nope…  my streak ending is not on the same level as …. Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played nor Byron Nelson’s 11 consecutive PGA tour wins… Background For breakfast yesterday, I ate nothing as I normally do, those in the primal/paleo community generally call this intermittent fasting, click here for more […]

A Streak Ends! … say it ain’t so Joe!

Two days ago I discovered that the high school had left me a couple of toys to play with … I had never noticed these before… I was ELATED!  both are in the picture above! NO! Not my wife Tammy!! … the toys are (1) the sled and (2) the […]

Primal X and Mini-update on lowER fat experiment.

There is a growing epidemic of misery. The obesity/diabetes epidemic is growing daily.  Here is a recent report, “Diabetes Doubles”. The number of adults with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled since 1980, with almost 350 million now affected… Think about that for a moment, the number of diabetics in […]

Epidemic of Misery

This post shows a partial listing of the ‘corporate sponsorship’ of the USA’s national dietitian’s group, the Academy Nutrition & Dietetics (AND). The data is from 2011, when this post was originally written. The group (AND) changed their name in recent years. they were formerly known as the American Dietitian […]

Corporate Sponsors of Nutrionists

On June 9th, 2011 I turned 50, yes I had a low carb, paleo, diabetic birthday dinner!!  Here is a post regarding my fitness activities on my birthday, “New Set Record on My 50th birthday“. You can celebrate & enjoy birthday parties as a diabetic. Once you adapt to low […]

Low Carb Paleo, Diabetic Birthday Dinner

I saw this today and just had to post about it.   How can anyone see this and not become outraged??? JDRF = Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Some are so blinded by the ‘Influence Peddlers’, even some diabetics support this ‘bovine feces’….. How are companies such as PepsiCo and KFC […]

“Bovine Feces” Good for Diabetes?

My wife uses a slightly different form of reverse psychology almost every week when she buys Cheetos, Gatorade, Doritos, or some other very tasty non-nutritious food or drink that she knows I can’t consume.

Lack of Spousal Support

  THANK YOU ALL for the many ‘Birthday Wishes’ … It meant much to me … it’s very gratifying …  sincerest thanks. :)   Birthday Exercise Most days I attempt to set new personal records and so should you!!!  No matter what it is… if it’s only walking to the […]

Primal 50th Birthday, New Personal Record

US News and World Report recently published an article titled, “Best and Worst Diets”. Normally I would not even bother with reading an article from this ‘news rag’ …. and especially an article with the title concerning diets.  But… I’ve set up Google News “Alerts” to send emails anytime ‘diabetes’ […]

Best & Worst Diets… Diabetes, ARGH!

Yet another low carb, truly diabetic friendly, tasty and satiating meal. The American Diabetes Association would not approve of this meal ... because it has too much fat, too much protein and there are no 'whole grains'.

Roast and Creamed Cauliflower w/ Gravy

Growing up… we ate a lot of meat. London Broil was not a ‘cut’ that I can ever remember eating in my youth. In fact it is a cut that I never had (that I recall) until I went ‘low carb paleo’. Since my diabetes diagnosis I have become much […]

London Broil & Squash