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Preface I eXercised almost daily for two years. The last several months my activity level has dropped… mainly due to Ollie and work. I still go for 15-30 minute walks twice a day, lift heavy things 1-3 times a week and perform intense cardio 1-2 times a week. So I […]

Primal Vacation Wrap Up w/ Pics and Vids

The purpose of this post is three-fold … 1) Challenge you to eat new foods.  I want to encourage EACH and every one of you to OPEN YOUR MINDS when it comes to new foods. By adding variety it increases the odds of success, especially those who waiver at times. […]

Fish, Cactus, Bacon and Eggs… diabetes friendly all.

Sometimes I exaggerate a title to ‘lure’ readers into my blog, other times I try to create an intriguing title to ‘lure’ them. I am doing neither with this post’s title. We were NOT  in danger of dying … but we easily could have been injured on the algae covered, coral […]

My Primal & Dangerous Adventure

On the next to the last day in Wilmington, NC  (see previous post, “Thriving in Wilmington“) I made a grocery run. I purchased a beef round roast (it was on sale) and decided to slice it up thin, braise in bacon  and add to a salad. Why did I slice and […]

Braised Roast Salad with Broth

If patience is the only virtue… I’d be virtue-less. I’m sure you have heard of the biblical story relating to the ‘patience of Job’. I have so little patience, I have the patience of Jo.    :) I purchased a Corned Beef Brisket that was ‘pre-spiced’…. I was STOKED, this […]

Corned Beef Brisket and the patience of Jo

I had to drive my son back to Wilmington, NC and yesterday was my first full day. I wanted to give you an idea of my ‘day’ so you would see that at 50 years old, as a former diabetic and formerly obese  person… I am TRULY THRIVING!!! … not […]

Thriving in Wilmington, NC

This post will discuss a study/article showing two diabetes drugs are linked to cancer. Did you know that some diabetes drugs are linked to cancer? If you didn’t, you need to find a new diabetes educator … although admittedly it may be difficult to find a good one, there are […]

Diabetes Drugs & Pancreas Cancer linked

“Primal Girl in a Paleo World” ~Joy Young My good friend Joy Young tweeted that phrase the other day… and it immediately hit me in a profound way. Background Joy and I have been friends for over two years…  it seems as if it was a decade ago!  I was […]

Primal Girl in a Paleo World

  Yesterday I conducted my first ever Diabetes-Warrior Survey, I should have surveyed A LONG TIME AGO. THANKS to all who participated! If you did not complete the survy PLEASE DO, by clicking “Here” or on the link above. If you are reading this post and it’s next week, next month […]

Survey SAYS!

My mission is to Entertain, Educate and Motivate every single day.  I want everyone to reap the improved health and wellness benefits I have experienced. There  is ALWAYS room for improvement and I am posting this Feedback Survey, to give you an opportunity to make suggestions and to give me […]

Feedback Requested – Quick Survey

IF you are are a diabetic who only receives your information from Medical Industry professionals (doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators),  you need to read this post… diabetic or not. things your doctor never told you     Low Carb diets may reverse Kidney failure in people with diabetes. … know what […]

Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

My goal is to reduce the amount of inflammation in my environment, including my body. I decided to go dairy free again to test a previous dairy and diabetes experiment. Removing inflammation in our diet is a good thing. Food is something we can directly control, our environment is more difficult.

Dairy and Diabetes Experiment

In this previous post I discussed fermented foods.  The process of fermenting is a positive thing for everyone… ESPECIALLY for diabetics. Fermenting is a process by which beneficial bacteria  ‘eats’ carbohydrates, thereby reducing the blood sugar affect… meanwhile increasing the nutrients of the food or drink. … it’s a Win […]

Product Review & Fermented Food Links

I am THRIVING not just surviving… I sincerely hope you are too. If you are not thriving…  you should EAT like this “Meal Plan” and exercise like this, “Primal Exercise” … do it for 7 DAYS and check your results… I guarantee you will feel better and be healthier… or […]

Primal Thriving with Diabetes on LABOR DAY! WOO HOO!

Yesterday, Saturday 9/3/11  was INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!! I posted about my celebratory meal which was my version of the “Bacon Explosion“, click here if you missed it.  Mark schweigert and I had a friendly competition to see who could make the best … and he clearly won.  However, as Mark said, […]

International Bacon DAY – Champion! :)

(Click Pictures to Enlarge)  Saturday 9/3 is International Bacon Day!!!  Woo HOO! …what’s that?  YOU DID NOT KNOW!!! … I did not either until Adrienne Harvey  told me about it… thanks ADRIENNE! Bacon specifically and pork generally was extremely important in the first year of my ‘journey’.  I relied heavily […]

Battle of the BACON BULGE!!!!

Monthly Summary Time … woo HOO! :)  Once again my little ole  ‘diabetes blog’  increased Unique Visits to an all time high!  WooT :))  But…let’s be serious … I am not EVEN CLOSE to the quantity of readers Mark Sisson at Marks Daily Apple … nor Richard Nikoley at Free the Animal […]

Another One Bites the Dust… Month that is.