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I truly love the quote in the picture to the right. It can and has applied to many situations … but could not be more true than today…especially as it relates to dietary policy. Read this post and see if you agree ….   American Diabetes Association ( and ADA […]

Who benefits from this recipe, Diabetics?

This post is really just a pictorial view of my time spent at T & D Farms today …. and pictures of the first meal prepared from the bounty.  The first meal was a ‘sampler’ of pastured meats! :) T & D Farms is a family farm owned and operated […]

Introductory Post of Pastured Meats and T & D Farms

This post has Pelican videos and additional links regarding past vacations at Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC. Some may be asking … what does pelican videos have to do with diabetes? A LOT! :) It’s further evidence or proof.  When I say that I am ‘thriving, not just surviving’ … I want […]

Pelican Videos and More

I am now… a BAREFOOT RUNNER!!! … argh!!! :)   I have been running sprints, jogging and performing exercises barefooted for almost two years. However I never considered myself a ‘barefoot runner’ until last night. I ran 3 miles, on pavement (and cement sidewalks) lastnight Today after running a 5k, I […]

I am a Barefoot Runner, with Diabetes

Update:   I am excited!!! The  “” T-shirts ARE HERE!!! :) Granted… I’m biased, but I think they look perfect! All T-shirts are Black print on white T-shirts with the emblem on front and back. ALL are pre-shrunk 100% cotton. Sizes Small $14.97Medium $14.97Large $14.97X – Large $14.97XX – Large […] T-shirts

In the previous post I showed an updated picture and shared workout videos, click here if you missed that post. I am a type 2 diabetic, with normal blood sugar who is drug and insulin free. :) This post is primarily a pictorial of the rest of my day, highlighting […]

My Primal Update, Part II

The picture to the right was taken yesterday fasted and right before my workout.  It’s about 11:00 Am and other than Heavy Cream and Coconut Oil I had not eaten since the prior day. I love fasted workouts, I seem to do my best in a ‘fasted state’. By the […]

My Primal Update, with Vids and Pics 10/15/11

This food post will be revisiting one of my all time favorite meals… The Omelette   … I’ve posted about them several times and when my friend Joel Spencer posted his delicious looking omellete pic… I knew what I was having for lunch. Note: Click on Pics to Enlarge…. You […]

Bacon, Spinach and Tomato Omelette

From this post we learned ... 1) Typical cow's milk baby formula increased the incidence of autoantibodies which are strongly linked to Type 1 Diabetes. 2) A hypoallergenic lactose free baby food reduced the frequency of Type 1 Diabetes by 60%, compared to the control group fed cow's milk based formula. 3) Toxins (AGEs) have been found in baby formula, toxins that can increase the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

Baby Formula and Diabetes

The truth is dietary saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are required for optimum health. Translation:  Our bodies need, indeed require dietary cholesterol for optimum health. Our livers produce cholesterol, it’s that important Real fats, including saturated fats give our body the energy it needs to thrive   The medical industry including […]

Saturated Fats & Cholesterol are Required

I imagine it's like that for millions of other diabetics who are still addicted to sugar and carbs, all it takes is a one 3rd party verification ... a doctor, etc. Diabetes lesson learned.

Diabetes Lesson: Sweet Tea and Steve