Year: 2011

Survey SAYS!

  Yesterday I conducted my first ever Diabetes-Warrior Survey, I should have surveyed A LONG TIME AGO. THANKS to all who participated! If you did not complete the survy PLEASE DO, by clicking “Here” or on the link above. If you are reading this post and it’s next week, next month or next year… your feedback …

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Dairy and Diabetes Experiment

My goal is to reduce the amount of inflammation in my environment, including my body. I decided to go dairy free again to test a previous dairy and diabetes experiment.

Removing inflammation in our diet is a good thing. Food is something we can directly control, our environment is more difficult.

Et tu… Fox News = Vegan Diet for Diabetes?

Preface I have nothing against Vegetarians, Vegans etc … I actually attempted Veganism before my diabetes diagnosis.  I tried many times… but never went an entire day without eating meat. I do believe they are misguided from a nutritional standpoint but I truly wish them all well. I love to experiment with different meal plans… …

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