Year: 2011

Bacon Bites

I said this low carb, paleo bacon bites recipe, is perfect for anyone’s diabetic diet and could be a solid foundation to anyone’s meal plan. This recipe and it’s companion “Bacon Cups” are perfect for our low carb paleo ‘way of eating’.

Bacon Cups

Here’s a picture to keep you interested… I hope.   If you like this recipe, you may also like “Bacon Bites” or “Meat Muffins“. Ingredients: – Bacon – I used Thick Cut Peppered Bacon and I used 12 pieces for 12 ‘muffin slots’ … not sure what you call them.  You may want an extra …

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SMART Diabetes Goals

Don’t misunderstand me, I’d love to set sail and see where the winds and the tides will take me. However, that won’t work when it comes to ‘diabetes care’. For diabetics it ends in amputations, nerve pains, organ loss and much suffering.