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I have many new visitors to the site… thanks and WELCOME! I attempt to do a variety of things here … one of them is posting food posts, to give people options.   I adhere to a “Very Low Carb Paleo” meal plan which has allowed me to successfully manage diabetes, […]

Bacon Butter and Coffee

I have MUCH TO SAY about the investigation… unfortunately I have not had time to put all my thoughts together into something that resembles a ‘cohesive’ post. I know what you are thinking… “Steve! That never stopped you before!!”  ;) If you are unaware of this site’s investigation… “Click Here” […]

Brief Update on the Site Investigation, Jimmy Moore, etc

This blog and I are being investigated by the NC Board of Dietitians due to, egads!! I tell people to eat like I do!!!!  …without a license!! Oh the horrors!!!  Every single person that ‘eats like me’ or similarly improves health markers… every single one. Here is a link to the NC Law […]

This Site & Free Speech are being investigated

Note: This may be my all time favorite ‘food post’… why? It’s not the taste of the food (although it was good) … it was the experience and the pictures, wow! Please… I urge you as always… click on the pictures to enlarge them. :)    I’ve always loved the […]

Grilling Onion, Bacon and Beef

Only a complete imbecile would say that gallbladder removal causes 'no observable problems'. Are you sick and tired of being lied to by the 'medical industry'?

Problem Eating Fat

I knew it was coming; I gritted my teeth for as long as I could… Paula Deen is a diabetic … shocker! She’s just like I was… an obese, carb eating machine. The surprise is that it took this long for her to be diagnosed.  Who knows, she may have […]

Paula Deen and Diabetes

All of my diabetic recipes are truly diabetic friendly. Too many recipes claim to be diabetic friendly, instead they are big food, big pharma and medical industry friendly.

Braised Chicken, Tomato and Bacon

The eggnog recipe is ... Low carb, high fat, moderate protein and diabetes friendly! :)

Paleo Eggnog

David Bookless… a very cool ‘paleo’ guy posted a great article the other day and I just had to post about it.     “How To Be More Interesting” Before I discuss the article I want to briefly discuss … I shared the article on Facebook, Twitter and G+ but many blog […]

Living an Interesting and Primal Life

Avocados are nutritious, including good fats and proteins. They are low carb and have a very small blood sugar impact, making avocado diabetes friendly. Absolutely avocado stuffed with bacon is diabetes friendly. :)

Avocado is Diabetes Friendly

First let’s look at a few facts. 1) 90% of diabetics fail at maintaining normal blood sugar, if you doubt that… read this post. “90% Fail“.  I truly think the number is much higher than that…. but this is the medical industry’s numbers. Using conservative and ‘rough’ estimates… there are approximately […]

Is it just me? Or is the ADA ….

Did you read the latest headlines Yesterday? According to this article, “The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) is streamlining litigation for all federal cases alleging injury caused by the diabetes drug ACTOS®.” and… “Plaintiffs allege that individuals who use Actos face an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Plaintiffs […]

Diabetes Drug Actos: Linked to Cancer

Jan 3, 2012 Update Brendan Williams (my nephew) will be undergoing a  kidney transplant today in Chapel Hill, NC. My Sister-In-Law Terry Westbrook will be donating a kidney as well today. Thoughts and prayers are welcome. Update: On every level this event was a success and though I played a […]

Update: Eastern NC Benefit for Brendan Williams

November was a month of ‘bashing’ the American Diabetes Association…and a month of thanks too of course. December was a month of experiments.   The popularity of my humble attempt at educating, motivating and entertaining people (the blog) … has exceeded my expectations. Every month saw increases in readership… including November […]

2011 – Year in Review