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I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  After reading the email below … I felt DAMN GOOD! :) If you want to know why I do what I do … read this story. Want to know why I hate the American Diabetes Association and their minions…? read this story. Want […]

Want to Know Why?

As part of the update I wanted to let you know, I have  three very important dates in my ‘primal life‘. 2/15/2009  – Diabetes Diagnosis, in the hospital after an ambulance ride 2/18/2009 – Day of Hospital Discharge 8/1/2009 – The day I went ‘fully primal’ after reading Mark Sisson’s […]

Steve Update 2-21-2012

The key to living a long and fruitful life, diabetes complication free, is learning to manage diabetes properly. You properly manage diabetes by obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars.

How to Manage Diabetes

Three years ago today I received news that would alter my ‘life path’, a diabetes diagnosis. Life changing events can come in many forms… some events are the equivalent of being hit in the head with a ‘2 x 4’ … some are more subtle.  The diabetes diagnosis was definitely a […]

Happy 3 Year Diabetes Anniversary… woo HOO!

The quote below was made in a reply to a discussion regarding the conventional wisdom that diabetics should eat 4-6 meals per day. “I realize in hindsight I gave way too much credit to conventional dietary wisdom and tortured myself trying to adhere to bad advice.”  ~ Jason Encke   […]

The #FAIL of Conventional Wisdom

I have not posted a blog post this MONTH!!!    What is UP with that???    No matter what you may be thinking… it’s NOT a direct result of the “Investigation“.    The investigation is a distraction no doubt… but it has in NO WAY quieted my tongue… or tempered […]

Primal Steve Update! 2-12-12