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I have tested high fat, high carb foods in the past and as noted, my blood sugar would continue to rise for 2+ hours. That did not happen this time, so that is yet another HUGE PLUS! I have definitely seen enough here today to continue experimenting with resistant starch.

Potato, Potato Starch and Diabetes

After taking Resistant Starch (Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch) she's taking less insulin and experiencing less of the diabetes roller coaster ride, reducing the time spent in organ damaging, elevated blood sugar ranges. THIS IS HUGE!!! She has improved her Glucose Processing and she's taking less insulin and experiencing less of the roller coaster rides that she once was. Reducing the time spent in organ damaging, elevated blood sugar ranges.

Type 1’s Resistant Starch Diabetes Experiment

Through a little help from my friends I discovered yet ANOTHER diabetes friendly food preparation technique! Dry aging meats!

Dry Aging MEAT!

To show people ... yes I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk. :) There are many on the internet who 'talk a good game' ... but do they consistently day in, day out practice what they preach? As I told someone the other day, "there are many pretenders on the internet... I'm not one of them." :)

30 Days of Blood Sugar Testing

So on behalf of all of those that oppose Big Food, Monsanto, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry’s harmful advice …. THANK YOU NC BOARD OF DIETETICS AND NUTRITION!!! By attempting to silence my little ol’ blog …. you have helped SPREAD THE WORD TO 100′s of thousands of people.

One Million Page Views, Blog Update.

1) It’s not over … the battle continues. I will NOT back down … and I will NOT WAIVER!!! We will take the fight to the enemy until this war is won!   2) The courts had said that I was not harmed when the state board of dietetics told […]

I fought the law and … I WON!!!

Ok… I have new readers so let me cover three things… important things. 1) Every thing we do is an experiment.  Get it?  Everything you are is a result of all your actions or inaction.   What you do, eat and touch will affect you in some way.  Will it […]

New Fruit Experiment!

The medical industry doesn't have 'diabetes care experts', they have experts at increasing diabetes care. They promote diets and lifestyles that increase the need for diabetes care, diabetes services and diabetes drugs.

Experts of Diabetes Care?

Wow! … what a YEAR! 2012 vs 2011 saw a whopping 400 % increase in blog traffic! The main goal of this blog is to share  the primal or paleo lifestyle with more and more people.   Because I was diagnosed with diabetes, I do talk about self treating my […]

Summing Up 2012 …