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This is a quick post with pictures … relating a humorous story. I love the way I eat! I love the way I play! I love the way I LIVE!!!   And… I want to share it with people, hoping some will ‘give it a go’. The benefits of this […]

Are you sure you are ok? No… no I’m ...

My personal experiment shows the positive effects resistant starch can have on your blood sugars, therefore potato starch can help you manage diabetes. I urge you not to eat a lot of high carb foods to obtain resistant starch, but to use Bob's Red Mill Raw Potato Starch.

Resistant Starch and Diabetes Experiment Day 25

AT THE VERY LEAST Resistant Starch (Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch) is an inexpensive prebiotic that benefits the lower gut. At the most, I've seen it improve insulin resistance, improve 'glucose processing' and blunt the blood glucose effect of foods. Now.. I've witnessed it apparently blunt a blood glucose spike from intense exercise.

Another Resistant Starch and Intense Exercise

Below are the top pages and top posts for all of 2013. This year… as every year, had more page views and unique visitors than the previous year. I owe so many so much for helping to make this happen … and big heart felt THANKS! Thanks to everyone who […]

2013 Summary, Goals for 2014