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My personal daily goal: Obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars. Note:  I am content to eat, play and LIVE as I do today… for the rest of my life.   But I LOVE to experiment!  And if I can help others find a means to improve their insulin sensitivity and […]

Very Low Fat Diabetes Experiment: Phase 1

I have recommended water only fasting, intermittent fasting and fat fasts for years. This is especially true if you experience a weight loss stall or a stall in reducing blood sugar levels into normal ranges.

Fat Fast 2015: Conclusion

That's ironic when you think about it. Almost all diabetics have elevated blood sugars (above non-diabetic normal blood sugars) and I had to end an experiment due to low blood sugars. There is a lesson there, if you are paying attention.

Fat Fast 2015 Intro & First 48 Hours

I am going to make an effort to  'dial in' the Snake Diet's, Muscle Building fasting routine. I really think it's important to incorporate fasting into your 'lifestyle'. There are many health benefits in addition to weight loss. My main concern as I mentioned above is getting enough protein, maintaining lean muscle mass and maintaining truly normal blood sugars.

Fasting Update: Week One

The mission of is to educate those diagnosed with diabetes and their loved ones, about a ‘better way’ to manage diabetes. Providing information is important, but also seeks to motivate others to achieve the benefits of improved diabetes management, in an entertaining and thought-provoking style. In short, the […]

Mission Statement

Question: Why doesn't the American Diabetes Association or the American Association of Diabetes Educators promote fasting as a means to reduce blood sugars? I think we know... Greed, intellectual laziness, willful ignorance or all of the above.

2015 Fasting Summary

the information at the support group was a little better than some. However the conflicting advice had to leave many diabetics scratching their heads and wondering what the hell they should eat.

My Visit with a Diabetes Support Group

The key to living a long and fruitful life, diabetes complication free, is learning to manage diabetes properly. You properly manage diabetes by obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars.

How to Manage Diabetes

Why consume such so much protein? I've been fasting to attempt to heal my body of insulin resistance and I wanted to give my body a serious test.  I consumed 8 times the protein recommendations, I think that's a serious test. :)

24 Hours: Very High Protein Experiment

Cole dishes out 'buffet style' tough love. He is getting results and changing lives for the better. He's not for everyone ...  will his 'to some', offensive deliver offend you? ...or trigger you to affect real change in your life? The choice is up to you.

Snake Diet … What?

If you have reached a weight-loss or fat-loss stall, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose... but the fat. :) This is almost effortless weight/fat loss.

High Protein Diet Experiment

For decades 'nutritional science' has been little more than the marketing arm for Big Food and Big Pharma. It's time for true science to rule the day and to remove Big Food and Big Pharma's influence.

Water Fast

Do you have some you’d like to add?  If you see something that needs clarifying… please speak up. :) ——————   BG 1 hr post – Blood Glucose Reading, 1 hour post meal. Should not read above 140. BG 2 hr post – Blood Glucose Readings, 2 hours post meal. […]


Fact: a high fat, moderate protein, very low carb paleo meal plan can keep the doctor away. I've not seen a doctor due to diabetes or any illness in almost 8 years. Winning! :)

Butter a Day Keeps Diabetes Away

Intermittent fasting is diabetes friendly. Why? Because removing the dietary fuel for elevated blood sugars will eventually cause your blood sugars to decrease, requiring less insulin, allowing your pancreas to rest.

Intermittent Fasting is Diabetes Friendly