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The topic of today’s post is an important one … especially for those seeking a deeper understanding of why “low carb paleo” works.    Bear with me, as the post progresses, there will be studies and more links to help explain things. The cover of Time magazine has it right […]

Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny (Epigenetics)

From this post we learned ... 1) Typical cow's milk baby formula increased the incidence of autoantibodies which are strongly linked to Type 1 Diabetes. 2) A hypoallergenic lactose free baby food reduced the frequency of Type 1 Diabetes by 60%, compared to the control group fed cow's milk based formula. 3) Toxins (AGEs) have been found in baby formula, toxins that can increase the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

Baby Formula and Diabetes

This post will discuss a study/article showing two diabetes drugs are linked to cancer. Did you know that some diabetes drugs are linked to cancer? If you didn’t, you need to find a new diabetes educator … although admittedly it may be difficult to find a good one, there are […]

Diabetes Drugs & Pancreas Cancer linked

IF you are are a diabetic who only receives your information from Medical Industry professionals (doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators),  you need to read this post… diabetic or not. things your doctor never told you     Low Carb diets may reverse Kidney failure in people with diabetes. … know what […]

Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Preface I have nothing against Vegetarians, Vegans etc … I actually attempted Veganism before my diabetes diagnosis.  I tried many times… but never went an entire day without eating meat. I do believe they are misguided from a nutritional standpoint but I truly wish them all well. I love to […]

Et tu… Fox News = Vegan Diet for Diabetes?

Wait… earlier this week it was….  RED MEAT!!!   Then later in the week it was…. <drum roll> … FATS!!! Read a post I did about those ‘studies’  Part 1 and Part 2. Well today I read  … they discovered… PESITCIDES! are linked to Diabetes!  You can read the article, […]

Pesticides… linked to Diabetes???

In the post from yesterday, “Fats … AND Red Meat Linked to Type 2 Diabetes?? ” I started out by discussing how I evaluate nutritional and fitness information. 1) Evaluate the information based on my own experience.  2) Search through my Blog Roll to see what fellow paleo adherents say […]

Fats, Meat = Diabetes? Part 2

   Fats … AND Red Meat Linked to Type 2 Diabetes?? Two studies have been released recently..implicating fats and meats with Type 2 Diabetes.  Before we discuss them specifically I want to explain how I look at new nutritional information. I want you to learn how to evaluate studies and […]

Fats and Red Meat Linked to … DIABETES???

This is the last post of three dealing with an online discussion I’ve had with Dr. Dean Jenkins, unless new, original points are made. If you missed the first two posts, here are the links : First, Dissecting an MDs ADA Minion Argument Second,  Dissecting an MD’s Argument Part II […]

MD’s Argument … Part 3

I am NOT a fan of ‘added sugar’, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  I am not a fan of sugar at all…  because we  know that sugar causes the blood glucose level to exceed ‘normal levels’ and requires insulin to remove it from the blood stream. For diabetics… this […]

War on Sugar

This week, the World’s Largest ADA Minion Party convened…. What? You did not know about it??? It’s a time when all the ADA Minion come together and slap each other on the back and tell each other what a great job they are doing. The American Diabetes Association published a […]

Chief Scientific ADA Minion Speaks

There is a growing epidemic of misery. The obesity/diabetes epidemic is growing daily.  Here is a recent report, “Diabetes Doubles”. The number of adults with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled since 1980, with almost 350 million now affected… Think about that for a moment, the number of diabetics in […]

Epidemic of Misery

US News and World Report recently published an article titled, “Best and Worst Diets”. Normally I would not even bother with reading an article from this ‘news rag’ …. and especially an article with the title concerning diets.  But… I’ve set up Google News “Alerts” to send emails anytime ‘diabetes’ […]

Best & Worst Diets… Diabetes, ARGH!

…. the more things stay the same. This post will look at ‘breaking news’ from a diabetes study 14 years ago. When I began I was looking for a post I could ridicule and show how nothing has changed in 14 years.  Well, this  study certainly fills that ‘order’ and […]

The More Things Change….

An article was published yesterday and I felt compelled to comment. The title of the post, “Evolutionary Conservation of Fat Metabolism Pathways“. The title was … intriguing. :) A collaborative effort by investigators at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently revealed just how similarly mammals and insects make critical […]

Fat Metabolism Pathways Study

Quote from the study, "In the United States alone, nearly 90% of adult diabetics -- more than 16 million adults aged 35 and older -- have blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol that are not treated effectively...".

Study: Diabetes Treatments are Ineffective

Does Red Meat Kill??? … of course NOT. In this post we’ll discuss an article “Eating Lots of Red Meat Ups Women’s Stroke Risk“. The article reports on a Swedish study and suggests red meat consumption increases stroke risk. I’ll prove: red meat did not cause an increase in stroke risk […]

Red Meat KILLS?

This post concerns a study regarding Glucose Levels as a predictor of Post Operative Mortality, the link to the study is below. Preoperative Glucose Levels Predict 1-Year Mortality After Surgery “At 1 year after noncardiac surgery, high preoperative glucose levels are associated with higher mortality rates.” This means, you have […]

Glucose Predicts Mortality Rates

Not only do we fatten ourselves up with grains like cattle (corn is a grain) but we are also doing the same to our canine companions. ARGH!

Cause of Canine Diabetes