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Update: Since I originally wrote this post  much has been made about the ‘money connections’ with  members of the government. the medical industry should wear nascar-style jackets. government officials should wear nascar-style jackets. A suggestion was made that people in government should wear uniforms like Nascar drivers showing who is […]

Financial Disclosure for Diabetes Advisors? – Nascar Jacket Style?

The Accord Diabetes Care Study is used to harm and mislead diabetics every single day.  People with alternative motives use the Accord Study to convince diabetics that ‘strict control’ is harmful. Following a low carb paleo diabetes diet with strict control is the best way to manage diabetes The Accord […]

Decoding the Accord Diabetes Care Study

Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry all profit from diabetes. Diabetes “costs” us all greatly, for non-diabetics it’s ‘only’ money, but for diabetics it’s money and quality of life issues. Diabetes Money Trail Greed for money and power are the root of many of our planet’s ills.   […]

Diabetes Money Trail