This is a post concerning an A1C test and instruction on using the A1CNow product….not to be confused with OI812 Test…they are very different. … sorry… I had to inject a little humor…ok…it was very little. *HA* This is a “GUEST POST” by Brian Seib.  (what happened to the rule … “i” before “e” except after …

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Meatwich Updated!

Before going fully ‘low carb paleo’, I was concerned about several things including my ability to stay with the meal plan given the more limited food offerings. Trust me on this, do not be concerned!

Daily BS 4/14/10 ~ Journal & Learn from my error

Quote of the DAY (QOD): It also begs the question of why cardiologist keep thinking that the cholesterol fed rat (or the equally poisoned Syrian hamster) has anything to do with human arteriosclerosis. – Petro Dobromylskyj Learn From My Mistakes I have Diabetes but I have never been officially “typed”, the last word from my …

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