Idiocracy: Brawndo, Electrolytes and Grains

Is your medical industry professional a member of the Idiocracy? The Medical Industry promotes a high carb, blood sugar elevating meal plan to those that need it the LEAST… diabetics. If that is not idiotic, I’m not sure if anything is…

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Brace Yourselves – Diabetes Awareness Month is coming

Brace Yourselves! Diabetes awareness month… is coming.

November is like Christmas for the ADA and it’s cronies. It is the month when the American Diabetes Association holds it’s hand out, ‘palm up’ for an entire month… begging for donations to raise … ‘diabetes awareness’.

Alzheimer’s Disease & Paleo

Fiver years ago the common thought was that diabetes was a progressive and debilitating disease… now I and many others know that is simply NOT true.

Today, the common thought is that Alzheimer’s is a progressive and debilitating disease… but is it true? Or is this more failed conventional wisdom?


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Weight Loss, Hypertension and Maintaining

Backed up by not only my experience but also those of many others a ‘low carb paleo’ approach is by far the best meal plan to help you lose weight.

Fortunately for ‘us’ … a low carb paleo approach is the best way to lose weight, maintain normal blood sugars and maintain optimum blood pressure. :)

RISE UP!!! Indeed.

I hope you will learn to QUESTION EVERYTHING and that you will RISE!!! AWAKEN!!! … stop being sheep lead around by wolves who will deceive you for profit …

Change the things you CANNOT ACCEPT!

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Blood Sugar and The Brain: Dementia

The Medical Industry has NO FREAKING IDEA what ‘normal’ blood sugar ranges truly are.

NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR RANGES should not increase the risk of dementia! It should NOT increase the risk of cell or organ damage. The Medical Industry is clueless…. that should be one take home point.

Remember: Truly normal blood sugars… are the key to allowing your body to begin to heal itself. If your body must ‘deal with’ high blood sugars which ARE toxic to the body… it make it more difficult for it to repair itself.

Homemade Pork Rinds… Diabetes Friendly?

Homemade pork rinds are SO GOOD!!! And so good for you. It is a high fat, moderate protein food source and most importantly it is…. Diabetes Friendly!!!


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Creativity in the Kitchen: Egg Hats

To many, following a low carb primal meal plan is very limiting (at least initially) … Therefore being creative in the kitchen and having a willingness to explore other foods and other food preparation techniques is important.

Evidence of Harmful ADA & AADE Advice.

I hope that this young lady and these two gentlemen are okay. My heart goes out to all who suffer due to the failed
I also hope that the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators will stop promoting a high carb grain based diet!! And that they will begin to promote truly accurate blood sugar level targets!!!

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Steve Update and Facebook Group 2

I know how to control blood sugar levels … and I know how not to. I see people NOT controlling blood sugar level…all the time. :(