Exquisite and cuisine are not words generally associated with grilling and paleo. After reading this post and even better after trying this 'recipe', I think you will agree.

Exquisite Paleo Grilling Cuisine

A training supplement for dietitians, provided by Kellogg's.  Dec 2014
Did you hear? The national dietetic’s group … admitted they were wrong and caused untold suffering to millions with harmful dietary advice!You didn’t hear that? Well, they didn’t exactly say those words…

Dietitians Admit They Were Wrong!

dr chuck
Give slow roasting a try. The fat preservation is a HUGE benefit to making meats stay moist and juicy. And placing on an open rack is key for air flow.

Slow Roasting 101 the Warrior Way

fung lies 1
People have been critical of me posting against Fung in "Fung I". I have been accused of nitpicking.This brief post provides the reason why? ... 'because He is HARMING people'.If your mother, brother, sister or daughter was receiving such harmful advice from a 'diabetes educator' ... we would all be ranting about the ridiculous advice. And I am now.

What the FUNG?

This post is a critique of the advice I have read and heard by a so called ‘low carb diabetes expert’.  I’m writing this post to alert people to the fallacies, half-truths and potentially harmful advice the person has given.  I’ll lay out my overall strategy, shows results and report […]

Fung-us Among Us

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I was once an obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic.Now I am THRIVING and attempting to live life at it’s fullest… on a ‘low carb paleo’ style meal plan and lifestyle.

Very Primal Easter

Omelettes can be a 'vehicle' for many meats and vegetables. I urge you again to open your mind to new foods and new food preparations.

Omelettes 101

Blood sugars are THE single most important health number for diabetics, IF you eat like me... mainly fatty meats, leafy green vegetables, eggs, coconut oil and butter...

Day in a Diabetic Thriving Life