Primal Update: Do NOT QUIT!

We all have challenges in our lives. Question everything and keep searching and testing… keep STRIVING to improve your health and fitness… I do.


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Eating “Low Carb Paleo” is so SIMPLE!

The key to not only surviving… but THRIVING with diabetes is proper eating. Exercise is important but eating is the key.
Open your mind and explore different foods, textures and flavors. You truly have nothing to lose… and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

Diabetes Economics 101

Why would Big Pharma pay out hundreds of millions of dollars to doctors?

Remember the ‘cash cow’ discussion above? The doctor prescribes the treatment … and initially the blood sugar devices and supplies. … the patient will likely be on the drugs, supplies and devices for the rest of the patient’s life.

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FreeStyle Lite Review vs ReliOn Micro 1

Here is what I did….

Every time I tested my blood sugar I used the ReliOn Micro and the FreeStyle Lite. In most cases I used the ‘same drop of blood’ but in all cases I used the same ‘lancet’ cut location. In other words, after pricking myself a few times I actually had to squeeze more blood out of the same ‘cut’ location.


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Dandelions? Nutritious? Diabetes Friendly?

… on what PLANET does it seem logical to pollute our environment with toxins, to kill nutritious plants?
Answer: On a planet dominated by large corporations who are hell bent on being the ONLY source of ‘food’ … Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestle’, PepsiCo etc.

Testing Blood Sugar Meters and Diabetic Supplies has agreed to provide readers with a discount and to provide me with product and supplies to review!! :)

First Review? Dr. Bernstein’s favorite meter… the Freestyle Lite. I’ll have that review coming soon.



Diabetes and Life Insurance

I seek avenues to convince people that there is … a better way. When  Mack Dudayev contacted me on Facebook asking if he could write a guest post on my website about life insurance… I said “YES!”. :) Why? 1) I had questions I wanted answered. 2) This was an opportunity to share information with readers. […]

The Best Pizza Crust… EVER! And Truly Diabetes Friendly! All HAIL FAT HEAD!

This food post concerns the greatest pizza crust … EVER! All hail FAT HEAD!!!   I say that because this ‘recipe’ comes from Tom Naughton’s low carb site’s post, “Fat Head Pizza Crust“.  Tom’s a super cool dude who has contributed greatly to the ‘low carb’ cause.   Some say he’s EVEN funnier than me… […]

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