Molten Glucose Fries …anyone?

Only researchers on the payroll for Big Food would conclude that doubling glucose while reducing fat and calories is a positive result.

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Irresponsible Diabetes Leadership


Instead they harm millions with it’s policies and the horrible examples they set. Deb Greenwood is just another example of the irresponsible diabetes leadership that has been plaguing the diabetes culture for decades.


Hope Warshaw Queen of Diabetes Educators

The ‘election’ of “High Carb” Hope Warshaw means one thing … the nutritional battle will be a long term fight.

Ultimately we will prevail … meanwhile millions suffer every day while a relative few profit.


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Diabetic Food Journals

In summing up my diabetic food journals thus far… I have been eating ‘this way’ since 2009. I am in the best fitness of my adult life, I have normal weight, normal blood pressure and normal blood sugars.

Diabetes Experiments Update: Mr. 59 :)

Since I began taking the fibers and probiotics on 12/11/2014 my overnight fasting blood sugars have averaged 75 mg/dl.

My only numbers above 80 this year were an 82 and 83 on the 2nd and 3rd of January. :) :)

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Updated Diabetes Care 2015

As the ADA receives more and more money from Big Food and Big Pharma… they must recommend more and more policies to repay their corporate masters.

The cholesterol policy change is more evidence of just that.

Happy Birthday ADA? ….. a celebration? NOT

A post expressing anger, revulsion and disbelief in the ADA celebrating 75 years while presiding over an explosion of the disease world wide.



2014 Diabetes Posts – Most Viewed

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