When I arrived, the sun was not visible due to cloud cover. Then suddenly, the clouds gloriously parted and the sun was visible over the horizon. I watched intently as the sun began to climb the sky over the Atlantic. A glowing, golden orange ball in the sky. It's reflection colored the water and the waves that broke in its light ...a TRULY surreal scene.

Folly Beach – Day Three

love nature
From sun rise to past sunset, we keep on the move when we are at the beach! As I noted earlier, I had no energy shortage and was able to keep up with my sons throughout the day. 

Folly Beach – Day Two

Picture from the park where I camped.
A successful day in every way. I ate clean, I played and spent quality time with my sons. Day 2 and Day 3 are the days the Folly Beach area really shines, so make sure to check out these future posts!

Folly Beach 2015 – Day One

Brad, knowing how much I hate to lose, in an attempt to console me adds, "I guess your age is catching up to you finally." What the hell??? Brad meant well when he said this, but to me ... it was like sticking a hot stake into my eye!

eXcellent eXercise eXperiments

fasting 2
Question: Why doesn't the American Diabetes Association or the American Association of Diabetes Educators promote fasting as a means to reduce blood sugars? I think we know... Greed, intellectual laziness, willful ignorance or all of the above.

2015 Fasting Summary

For decades 'nutritional science' has been little more than the marketing arm for Big Food and Big Pharma. It's time for true science to rule the day and to remove Big Food and Big Pharma's influence.

Water Fast

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This post provides details leading up to and including my most recent experiment, a butter fast! A couple of weeks ago I concluded a ‘Coconut Oil and Butter‘ fast,  and shared the post of my experience on Facebook.  I had to end the fat fast after only two days due […]

Butter Only Fast 2015 Days 1 and 2

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I have recommended water only fasting, intermittent fasting and fat fasts for years. This is especially true if you experience a weight loss stall or a stall in reducing blood sugar levels into normal ranges.

Fat Fast 2015: Conclusion

Each July 4th I am reminded of my personal independence, the independence from drugs and insulin. I want to talk about not only my 'freedoms from' but also my 'freedoms to'.

Freedoms From & Freedoms To

Coconut Oil on Amazon
The fast in 2011 had to be cut short due to low blood sugars. That's ironic when you think about it. Almost all diabetics have elevated blood sugars (above non-diabetic normal blood sugars) and I had to end an experiment due to low blood sugars.

Fat Fast 2015 Intro & First 48 Hours

People ... there is a BETTER WAY!!! A better way to eat. A better way to play. A better way to LIVE!

Chicken Skin Taco Shells

YOU, me, we do not have to support Monsanto and Big Food with our purchases. Very Low Carb Paleo ... is the way to go. :) Let's make the world a better place and improve our health... shall we? :)

Chicken Skin Wraps & Tacos?

If you turn over a rock in the nutrition industry ... you'll find the money of Big Food and smell the stench of greed. I have spent little ink on the American Society of Nutrition or ASN. The American Society of Nutrition may be EVEN worse than the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. How so? I'll tell you why. :)

Vilest Villain? American Society of Nutrition

This baking method is a nice novelty item to 'show off' your crunchy, WILD foraging skills. :)

Wild Grape Leaf Chips

10425399_10205814941506063_5927458592929072021_n (1)
When I started eating and preparing simple REAL Low Carb Foods something wonderful happened!

This Could Be YOU!

Exquisite and cuisine are not words generally associated with grilling and paleo. After reading this post and even better after trying this 'recipe', I think you will agree.

Exquisite Paleo Grilling Cuisine

Did you hear? The national dietitians admit they were wrong and caused untold suffering to millions with harmful dietary advice! You didn’t hear that? Well, they didn’t exactly say those words…

Dietitians Admit They Were Wrong!