Friends with the same mental disorder… PRICELESS! 2

The title of this post was the caption on the meme to the right. I love it!    Why? 1)  Camaraderie: If you eat a ‘low carb, high fat’ or a paleo style meal plan… avoiding cakes, cookies, pasta, breads, cereals, candies and sugary drinks … you will at times feel like an ‘outcast’… a […]


Day 25 of 30 CHART, Daily Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars

It’s all over but the crying. Resistant Starch Day 25 Test 2

Before examining the charts and data let me say this. Though my results have been minimal (on average), before I even started Potato Starch I had ‘normal levels of blood sugar’. The results from others with higher than normal blood sugars has been nothing short of AMAZING!

I hope you will read this post and think… “I gotta try this!” If not, why not?

OMG!!! Intense Exercise: Another Resistant Starch TEST! 9

A common complaint from diabetics (those that monitor their blood sugars) is the problem of intense exercise and blood sugar spiking. For those that are insulin dependent and who attempt to monitor and maintain normal blood sugars, this is particularly troublesome. If you don’t know what Resistant Starch is… please click here, “Intro Post“. In […]


2013 Summary, Goals for 2014

Below are the top pages and top posts for all of 2013. This year… as every year, had more page views and unique visitors than the previous year. I owe so many so much for helping to make this happen … and big heart felt THANKS! Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas. Thanks to everyone […]


Big Ole Tater – Resistant Starch Test 21

I have tested high fat, high carb foods in the past and as noted, my blood sugar would continue to rise for 2+ hours. That did not happen this time, so that is yet another HUGE PLUS!

I have definitely seen enough here today to continue experimenting with resistant starch.

Potato with sour cream and Kerry Gold Butter. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beautiful Numbers

Type 1′s Resistant Starch Diabetes Experiment 7

It is still very early in her personal experiment but she has ALREADY seen dramatic improvements in her ability to control her blood sugar!


She has improved her Glucose Processing and she’s taking less insulin and experiencing less of the roller coaster rides that she once was. Reducing the time spent in organ damaging, elevated blood sugar ranges.

My Personal N=1 Resistant Starch Experiment 19

Given the nature of this N=1 Experiment, there will be at least a 2nd post and most likely a 3rd. I would not be doing this post if it were not for the dogged determination of Richard Nikoley of .  If you do not know who he is and what he has meant to […]

rs 6

dry aging 6

Dry Aging! … MEAT! 1

Regarding the title, I eat so much fat… you know I’m not ‘dry aging’. :) Eating a meal plan that is ‘heavy’ in fatty meats… some might think I would get bored with that… let me assure you, “I DO NOT!”  (Click here to see my meal plan links, including a sample, food posts. etc) […]