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In their stupidity, North Carolina’s State Board of DIEtetic and Nutrition decided that I was in violation of state law when I actually helped people control their blood sugars.

Steve and Grace’s Excellent Adventure: Intro

I do believe that my gut is healthy… why? I am healthy. I maintain normal blood sugars and I am rarely sick.


1) I could be wrong, I know… shocking isn’t it. :)

2) Even if my gut is healthy, that doesn’t mean it could not be improved upon.

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My Visit with a Diabetes Support Group

the information at the support group was a little better than some. However the conflicting advice had to leave many diabetics scratching their heads and wondering what the hell they should eat.

Addictions Including Sweeteners Take the Challenge.

I challenge YOU to give up something. If you suffer from an addiction including sweeteners … take the challenge! It may just be something you are addicted to…  I am addicted to coffee, there’s nothing wrong with coffee, but I just don’t like being addicted to anything. It could be something that may be causing […]



Certified Diabetes Educator Exchange

You can listen to people like Courtney “Toxic Sludge” Slater …. someone who read that soy, hydrogenated veggie oils and whole grains are healthy in a book.

Or you can listen to people like me… people who are actually successfully treating diabetes with a truly diabetic friendly self-treatment plan. People who are actually THRIVING!!! The choice is up to you.

Another Experiment – Exercise And Diabetes

EVERYTHING we do is an experiment. Everything.

YOU are the results of all that you have done up to this point.

I urge you to pay attention to your experiment and try to improve your blood sugars, your health and your fitness. You will be glad you did. :)

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As sincerely as I can say it … I am so thankful for … DIABETES!

I do not say this lightly, I know that my type 1 friends will never be able to say this… however I do state this publicly because the 300 million diabetics on the planet need to hear this.

Day In The Life of a Successful Diabetic

A post … mainly pictures of a ‘day in the life’ of a successful diabetic … me. :)

This post revolves around my latest experiment and achieving my target blood sugars.

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Bret Michaels: “Face of Diabetes”, Defeatist Shout Out

There are many Type 1 diabetics with MUCH better blood sugar control… even with truly normal blood sugars.

Bret is no more a role model for diabetes than Wilford Brimley or Paula Deen.