High Carb Era Dead? Because Joslin says so…

Low carb gurus are running around proclaiming the end of the high carb diet for diabetics.

I will join the party and celebration with balloons and party favors when diabetics are no longer fed a high carb, grain based, glutenous meal plan.

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Joslin’s Hamdy, Devil in the Details

The pot calling the kettle black in my opinion.

You would think the ‘premier diabetes research center’ could come up with it’s own conclusions and it’s own dietary guidelines independent of outside opinions.


Clown Diabetes Educators (CDE)

I joke about clown diabetes educators (CDEs) all the time. I mock, ridicule as well as aggravate them routinely.

HOWEVER, just know that their buffoonery while worthy of ridicule and mocking … has a VERY serious consequence.

Molten Glucose Fries …anyone?

Only researchers on the payroll for Big Food would conclude that doubling glucose while reducing fat and calories is a positive result.

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Irresponsible Diabetes Leadership


Instead they harm millions with it’s policies and the horrible examples they set. Deb Greenwood is just another example of the irresponsible diabetes leadership that has been plaguing the diabetes culture for decades.


Hope Warshaw Queen of Diabetes Educators

The ‘election’ of “High Carb” Hope Warshaw means one thing … the nutritional battle will be a long term fight.

Ultimately we will prevail … meanwhile millions suffer every day while a relative few profit.


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Diabetic Food Journals

In summing up my diabetic food journals thus far… I have been eating ‘this way’ since 2009. I am in the best fitness of my adult life, I have normal weight, normal blood pressure and normal blood sugars.