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If you are new to a low carb approach for managing diabetes relax, there is a better way!  You will need to read this page, “Low Carb Paleo” for more in depth information on a proper low carb diabetes diet.

  • Pictorial View of a sample diabetes menu with links to food posts.
  • Listing of Zero Carb Snacks

I share my diabetes meal plan with people and tell them, ‘there is a better way’ to successfully manage diabetes!! Due to the vast amount of incorrect and harmful information on the internet, much of it provided by the Medical Industry, even after going over the the low carb paleo diabetes meal plan I am often met with blank stares.


I will then show them my diabetes food chart, to show them a visual of what they should eat, foods just like the one above. This helps but still others just can’t put it all together.  People will ask, “What can diabetics eat”.  It’s time to discover a true and proper diabetic diet, a ‘real’ diabetic friendly diet.


Sample Diabetes Menu

To help reinforce diabetes friendly food choices I created this page showing a weekly sample diabetes menu.  It includes links to low carb diabetes recipe posts to aid in food preparation.

The only thing missing is me preparing it! :)

Below is a pictorial carousel of various diabetes meals I’ve prepared, some of these have been included in the Diabetic Diet Menu below.

On the internet you will find MANY sites with a so called “diabetes meal plan”. The problem with 99 % of them, they are high carb and grain based. In actuality, they are designed to keep you on ever increasing amounts of drugs and insulin.

MOST are not truly ‘diabetic friendly’, they are friendly to Big Food, Big Pharma and the medical industry.

The meals in the diabetes diet menu below are based on my diabetes meal plan and diabetes food chart.

My meal plan and the sample diabetes menu below is designed to reduce your blood sugars and thereby reduce your need for drugs, insulin and  medical industry services. It has been successful for me and many others.


 Sample Diabetes Menu


Week Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Frittata Pulled Pork & Guacamole Cheese, Shrimp & Sausage
Tuesday Meatwich  Egg/Bacon Bacon Cups Chicken Wings
Wednesday Chili & Eggs Stuffed Avocado Primal Salmon Patties
Thursday Meatwich Bacon, Egg & Cheese Squash Spaghetti & Sauce Steak (Add green vegetable)
Friday Eggs & Greens Florida Avocado Pepperoni Cauli-Pizza
Saturday Meat Muffins Chicken Wings Cheese, Shrimp & Sausage
Sunday Eggs, Greens & Bacon Best Pizza Crust Ever! Pork Ribs & Vegetable


 Preferred Snacks: Zero Carbs

Not shown on the diabetes diet menu are snacks.  I rarely snack and if I am eating three meals as in the above example, I never snack. I stay fully sated.

Note: Check labels, companies find ways to add carbs.

  • Canned Fish – Tuna, Salmon, Sardines (preferably packed in water)
  • Pork Rinds – yes they are healthy, read this.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – perfect snack food, travels well.
  • Coconut Oil and butter – yes as snacks!  lol
  • Meats (I avoid deli meats if I can)
  • Cheese – can be inflammatory if dairy intolerant


  • I typically only eat one to two meals a day.
  • I often cook large “batches” of foods such as my “primal chili” or
    pork shoulders or 5 lbs of ground beef etc, freezing leftovers.  


For diabetics you really need to stick to a diabetes diet menu like the one above. EVERY person that follows this meal plan reduces drugs and insulin. Every single person… many wean off drugs and insulin completely, with normal blood sugars.

I don’t like the term “diabetes diet” to describe this way of eating. It is truly a lifestyle change and a change in how I view food.  I prefer to say that I follow a ‘low carb paleo’ lifestyle.

We must change how we think.  The foods above are a ‘low carb paleo’, real foods diet menu… not a diabetes diet menu. :)

There is a better way! … to successfully manage diabetes.


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