Oxtail and Gravy is Diabetes Friendly

If you have never had oxtail, you truly are missing out on a culinary treat. It’s fatty beef, which makes oxtail truly diabetes friendly.

  • food post on preparing ‘grok pot’ beef oxtail!
  • includes my first ‘low carb paleo’ gravy!


Oxtail is diabetes friendly and like all fatty meats, they are the cornerstone of my low carb paleo diet.  Fatty meats provide your body with vital nutrients and the required fuel you need, fats and protein.

Oxtail is diabetes friendly
Oxtail is diabetes friendly


Low Carb Paleo is Diabetes Friendly

I’ve been on my fully ‘low carb paleo‘ lifestyle for 6 1/2 years  now.   All the while, I’ve  maintained normal blood sugars, for non-diabetics.  Clearly, low carb paleo is diabetes friendly. :)


This food and recipe is in large thanks to my friend, Jimmy Alva who routinely promotes diverse foods, simply by displaying his love and enthusiasm for them himself.  Also thanks to his wife (Dawn) who sent me a recipe which guided me with this one… THANKS!!! :)


Oxtail is Diabetes Friendly

Relax! Oxtail is just like roast beef!!!  Sincerely, it tastes just like a delicious, juicy, tender beef roast.

Additionally, I also made my first official “primal gravy”. I’d made gravies before but they were really nothing more than reduced broth and heavy cream. THIS WAS A GRAVY FOR REAL!



1)   Place the Beef Oxtail with a cup of water in the GROK POT!!! … see how easy!!! lol! :))


Oxtail is diabetes friendly


2. I cooked the meat on high in the Grok Pot for about 4 hrs.  I then covered in water and added onions and let it cook for a couple of more hours.   The wisk in the picture was used for the gravy. :)

Note: You could set the Grok Pot on low and cook all night or all day, but I would definitely cover it in water before doing so.


Oxtail is diabetes friendly

3) Making Gravy

Here’s a post I did, just on making the gravy. :) Coconut Flour Gravy

(By the way… I never thought I’d make nor taste gravy again… DELISH!!! )

a) Using a coffee cup I dipped out 4 cups of broth and placed in a small pot. I added approximately a half a cup of Heavy Cream (or Heavy Whipping Cream) and let simmer, STIRRING REGULARLY.

b) After letting it ‘cook down’  or reduce for about 20 minutes I added the 3 TBS of coconut flour.  Let it cook for another 10 or 15 minutes… wisking and stirring almost continuously… I did. :)

Coconut Flour did not add any coconut flavor to the gravy… but it did thicken it up nicely. After I ate I went back to check the gravy and it had thickened up MUCH more than even shows in the picture. So let it ‘sit’ if you want thicker gravy. :)

4) Remove Oxtail and place on a plate or platter.


5) Add Gravy


6) Season and EAT!!!!!


My favorite seasonings!


My Favorite Low Carb Paleo Seasonings!

First, what does a spice or seasoning have to be, to make this list?

It must contain no chemicals, just real foods and ingredients…. I can pronounce. :)

For example, “Slap Ya Mama“, has only these ingredients.  Salt, red pepper, black pepper and garlic. <3

Slap Ya Mama!
Slap Ya Mama!


Others are Tobasco and Louisiana Hot Sauce. 



SERIOUSLY  this was D-lish!!!!   It was AWESOME!

The oxtail had the texture and taste of  a succulent fatty chuck roast.

I swear, if I fixed this for you… YOU COULD NOT tell the difference.

It is THAT GOOD!!! :)

To sum up, yes Oxtail is diabetes friendly, as are all fatty meats.


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  1. looks awesome mr.cooksey! ain’t it just fingerlicking good? I will have to try the coconut flour gravy….”DAWN! get the coconut flour and heavy cream out!”

    1. Hahaha! … Jimmy, glad you are not ‘Net-fasting’!!! :)

      It truly was fabulous! Very glad we became friends… your influence has been…. ALL GOOD. :)

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