Blood Sugar Meters: Most Accurate

A laboratory tested 18 of the most commercially available blood sugar meters available in the US. My personal testing of some of the included meters matches the study’s… that’s  a good sign.

  • top meters tested
  • worst meters tested


The top-rated blood sugar meter is Contour Next. The only meter to have 100% accuracy, according to this study. Impressive. I have not used this particular meter, but I have used and love Contour Next EZ (it wasn’t tested).


Meter accuracy can (and will) vary even among identical models. Additionally, the second component of every blood sugar test, the strips — can vary in accuracy as well. If you ever receive an unexpected blood sugar test, it’s always wise to re-test, especially if the result requires you to adjust insulin or diabetes drugs.


Blood Sugar Meter Test

You can read the full study “here‘. The group doing the testing, “Diabetes Technology Society”, has Big Pharma companies as sponsors… so be aware of that.

However at least in ‘design’, it appears to be a well-controlled study.


“This study was triple blinded.  None of the people involved in conducting this study (i.e. neither investigators, laboratory staff, statistician, nor sponsor) had all the information to break the BGMS code until all results were calculated and posted. “

Over 1,000 subjects provided blood samples, and each of the 18 meters were put through three separate tests.

Sadly, only 6 of the 18 passed each of the three tests, and are recommended.

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Passed the Test: Recommended

Contour Next   100%

Accu-Check Aviva Plus 98%

Walmart ReliOn Confirm (Micro) 97%

CVS Advanced 97%

FreeStyle Lite 96%

Accu-chek Smart View 95%


Failed the Test: Not Recommended

Listed in order of accuracy, from highest to lowest.

Walmart ReliOn Prime 92%

One Touch Verio 92%

Prodigy Auto Code 90%

OneTouch Ultra2 90%

Walmart ReliOn Ultima 89%

Contour Classic 89%

Embrace 88%

True Result 88%

True Track 81%

SolusV2 76%

Advocate Redi-Code 76%

Gmate Smart 71%


Personally Tested Meters

I’ve tested Freedom Freestyle Lite, Walmart ReliOn Micro, Accu-chek Nano, Contour Next Ez, and Freedom Freestyle — and have recommended them.

** Important: Companies can change components of meters at any time, and can change the reliability of the meters. Even different batches of test strips *can* vary, so always be aware this.

Best to assume that no meter / test strip combination will be reliable and accurate all the time.


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