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So call this what you like... mayo, aioli, or something totally different. I call it delicious, nutritious and diabetic friendly!

How to: Keto Paleo Aioli

Why should you buy meat in bulk and render your own fat? Save money. Improve your health. Improve your food integrity. Increase your food independence!

Rendering Fat: Why, Where, How?

These crispy beef brisket cracklins can absolutely be part of a healthy plan to lose or maintain weight.

Crispy Beef Cracklins!

The topic of this post is a study purported to show that potatoes are ok for type 2 diabetics. As you will see, this study is a perfect example of why I say, there really is very little real science in "nutritional science" AND that too often nutritional science REALLY is nothing more than marketing propaganda for those that fund the 'science'.

The Potato Study. There is little “science”!

I usually eat very simply, I am a simple man. Chili is as complicated as I get with food prep. And since going to a minimalist Carnivore Chili ... even chili is quick and easy.

Minimalist Carnivore Chili

I have been a diabetic for 11+ years and NOT ONCE have I felt victimized by 'diabetic stigma' ... But then again, I found a better way to self-treat diabetes and I maintain truly normal blood sugars and normal weight.

Diabetes Stigma & Diabetes Profiteers

This experience shows me that after eating VERY low carb for 11 years... I am still addicted to sugar. I shall not, in fact I can not consume sugary foods. It is, as it was before a diabetes diagnosis ... like crack to me!

A Lapse in Judgement

I have started a new experiment Diabetic Carnivore 2.0. If you have elevated blood sugars or unresolved health issues... start your own experiment!

Diabetic Carnivore 2.0

The key with 'truly slow-roasting' is fat preservation. With minimal fat loss more juices and flavor are retained by the meat. The technique works with fatty meats too of course, but the difference is more noticeable with leaner cuts of meat.

Best Pork Loin Ever!

It’s not only “What the ADA won’t tell you.”, this post includes information that none of the ‘leading’ diabetes organizations in the world will tell you, this includes Joslin Diabetes and Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The American Diabetes Association is arguably the leading diabetes organization in the world. For […]

COVID-19 & Diabetes: What the ADA Won’t Tell You

When I began this journey the medical industry claimed diabetes was a debilitating disease with deteriorating health and increasing pain and suffering. Once again… they were wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way

11 Year Diabetes Check Up

Regardless of your thoughts about Fung … you should read this post with an open mind. We should always question everything!! … question every thing. I was in the midst of researching Dr. Jason Fung’s latest work for a post when Dr. RD Dikeman tagged me on this post from […]

Problem with Fung’s Protocols?

There is very little ‘food’ that I would buy in a mainline grocery store.  I made the claim that there is even less in ‘dollar stores’ … but is that true? I visit dollar stores occasionally but never pay attention to their ‘food’ sections.  I decided to investigate.  The idea […]

Dollar Store Food Diabetic Friendly?

I've had a lot of cuts and scrapes over the years since being diagnosed with diabetes, but this was the ultimate test of my diet, lifestyle and immune system. 

Diabetic Foot Complications

To truly win the war with diabetes you must become a scientist. No formal training is required … anyone can do it. You only need to follow the scientific method, which ANYONE can do. No worries, I’ll show you!

Diabetes and the Scientific Method

For over 9 years I have dedicated a great deal of time sharing foods, workouts, activities and health information. Why? To show people that there is a 'better way', a better way to eat, to play and to LIVE!

Why People Follow Failed Diabetes Advice

One thing is for sure... large meatballs are now my default grilling method for ground beef, stuffed or not. It's that damn good. 

Grilled Stuffed Meat Balls

This sausage ball recipe is an 'alternative' to a holiday family classic. For decades our family has enjoyed the flour based classic and thanks to ONE ingredient change... I made the recipe: low carb - in fact 'zero carb', gluten-free and truly diabetic friendly

Very Low Carb Sausage Balls