I've had a lot of cuts and scrapes over the years since being diagnosed with diabetes, but this was the ultimate test of my diet, lifestyle and immune system. 

Diabetic Foot Complications

To truly win the war with diabetes you must become a scientist. No formal training is required … anyone can do it. You only need to follow the scientific method, which ANYONE can do. No worries, I’ll show you!

Diabetes and the Scientific Method

For over 9 years I have dedicated a great deal of time sharing foods, workouts, activities and health information. Why? To show people that there is a 'better way', a better way to eat, to play and to LIVE!

Why People Follow Failed Diabetes Advice

One thing is for sure... large meatballs are now my default grilling method for ground beef, stuffed or not. It's that damn good. 

Grilled Stuffed Meat Balls

This sausage ball recipe is an 'alternative' to a holiday family classic. For decades our family has enjoyed the flour based classic and thanks to ONE ingredient change... I made the recipe: low carb - in fact 'zero carb', gluten-free and truly diabetic friendly

Very Low Carb Sausage Balls

This salad dressing recipe is diabetes friendly while being truly nutritious and truly delicious. It only takes a minute or two.

Best Damn Salad Dressing Recipe

This isn't your run-of-the-mill, mamby-pamby fasting protocol. As Cole suggests, fast hard, fast long, get lean and then begin building muscle!

Snake Diet Update

Writing a play by play of my current fast.  I thought it might be helpful to some considering fasting. I'm now in day 2, in my 40th hour as I type this. I'll try to update this post, 'play by play' until I end my fast.

Fasting Play by Play

Why consume such so much protein? I've been fasting to attempt to heal my body of insulin resistance and I wanted to give my body a serious test.  I consumed 8 times the protein recommendations, I think that's a serious test. :)

24 Hours: Very High Protein Experiment

I am going to make an effort to  'dial in' the Snake Diet's, Muscle Building fasting routine. I really think it's important to incorporate fasting into your 'lifestyle'. There are many health benefits in addition to weight loss. My main concern as I mentioned above is getting enough protein, maintaining lean muscle mass and maintaining truly normal blood sugars.

Fasting Update: Week One

Cole dishes out 'buffet style' tough love. He is getting results and changing lives for the better. He's not for everyone ...  will his 'to some', offensive deliver offend you? ...or trigger you to affect real change in your life? The choice is up to you.

Snake Diet … What?

Nutritional science has been hijacked by the same people who influence governmental nutritional policy... Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry. There are many studies that will validate the low protein standards set by the government.

How Much Protein is Optimal?

A laboratory tested 18 of the most commercially available blood sugar meters available in the US. My personal testing of some of the included meters matches the study's... that's  a good sign. 

Blood Sugar Meters: Most Accurate

If you have reached a weight-loss or fat-loss stall, give it a try.  You have nothing to lose... but the fat. :) This is almost effortless weight/fat loss.

High Protein Diet Experiment

Try it for 30 days! It just might change your life. It may not be for you, but there is ONLY ONE WAY to find out.  Try it.

I Believe in MEAT!

As my blood sugars began trending lower, my excitement began growing that my body was adapting to the all-animal based diet. Not even I expected the fasting numbers of the past five days!

Diabetic Carnivory: How Sweet It Is

If you want to graze, and spend the rest of your life in a downward health spiral taking more and more drugs... and requiring more and more medical industry services... BY ALL MEANS GRAZE! But if you want to thrive, and truly start LIVING! Eat a truly low carb paleo meal plan.

Diabetics Should Graze! WTF?