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I usually eat very simply, I am a simple man. Chili is as complicated as I get with food prep. And since going to a minimalist Carnivore Chili ... even chili is quick and easy.

Minimalist Carnivore Chili

Exquisite and cuisine are not words generally associated with grilling and paleo. After reading this post and even better after trying this 'recipe', I think you will agree.

Exquisite Paleo Grilling Cuisine

… on what PLANET does it seem logical to pollute our environment with toxins, to kill nutritious plants? Answer: On a planet dominated by large corporations who are hell bent on being the ONLY source of ‘food’ … Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestle’, PepsiCo etc.

Dandelions? Nutritious? Diabetes Friendly?

46 grams of carbohydrates for just the cereal alone. Add to that a full cup of milk which is around 11 more grams of carbohydrates, that equals about 57 grams of carbs in a single serving for a single serving!

How Do They Sleep At Night

I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify... immediately! I did not have a food post on 'Grilled Chicken Wings!" Chicken wings are diabetes friendly! The post includes a video... you can hear them sizzle!

Grilled Chicken Wings

You should be creative! You should be looking for ways to make your own, more nutritious and healthy foods.

Low Carb Paleo Steak Salad

Yet another low carb, truly diabetic friendly, tasty and satiating meal. The American Diabetes Association would not approve of this meal ... because it has too much fat, too much protein and there are no 'whole grains'.

Roast and Creamed Cauliflower w/ Gravy

This low carb paleo slaw is diabetes friendly. My favorite kind of foods!! Real food ingredients, avoid using store-bought mayonnaise, Tomatoes and cabbage have carbs, so use this as a side dish.

Low Carb Paleo Slaw

A proper diabetes diet is truly the key to managing diabetes. Coconut flour is low carb and a nice addition to your diabetes diet.

Coconut Flour Gravy.

I urge you all to open your mind... and your dietary palate. Adding more variety to your menu is a great thing. Especially when the foods are more nutritious and lower carb paleo foods.

Beef Tongue is Diabetes Friendly

Beef heart is nutritious, delicious and diabetes friendly. I thoroughly enjoy the way I eat, the way I exercise… indeed the WAY I LIVE!!!

Have a Heart … a Beef Heart.

People frequently ask me for recipes, honestly my cooking is usually so simple it’s kind of embarrassing to post the “recipe”. However, embarrassing myself has rarely stopped me from doing/saying anything. :) truly diabetic friendly pork shoulder recipe low carb barbecue sauce recipe   That’s right friends, I give you […]

Primal Pork Shoulder

Before going fully 'low carb paleo', I was concerned about several things including my ability to stay with the meal plan given the more limited food offerings. Trust me on this, do not be concerned!

Meatwich Updated!