Meatwich Updated!

Before going fully ‘low carb paleo‘, I was concerned about several things including my ability to stay with the meal plan given what I thought were more limited food offerings. Trust me on this, do not be concerned!

  • there are many low carb paleo versions of foods
  • all are nutritious, delicious and diabetes friendly


These are all of my truly diabetes friendly and low carb paleo food posts, take a look around.  There are MANY foods you can eat.




Above is a picture of a ‘meatwich’, a recent version cooked with ground pork.  It is what it’s name implies, a sandwich made of MEAT! Meat is the ‘bun’ … what paleo fun! Below is the original post.


Meatwich Lives!

Below is a picture from another meatwich I made.


diabetes friendly


We don’t need no stink’n buns!

IF you have not had a “MEATWICH” yet… you really should try it. It’s so simple! … and easy.

This is a serious topic … truly diabetic foods for diabetes management.  However, this is a fun post… but everything I say in this post is the truth.


Meatwich Ingredients

Write this list down to make sure you have everything you need.

1) Meat for the meatwich ‘bun’, which will be … meat.  Leaner the better, less shrinkage. 93% ground beef would be an excellent choice. I’ve also used ham, sliced thin.

2) Meatwich filling contents.  Whatever you want to put between the meat…   buy that. :)


Cooking the “BUN”

Press out about one pound of ground meat into a skillet, making sure to fill the bottom fully….this makes for more uniform “buns”.

Cook on medium temperature for about 5 minutes,  use a spatula and begin to separate into quarters. Then turn the pieces and cook on the other side. Once both sides are done, cover the skillet and allow to cool… if you are in a hurry, you can refrigerate.  Cooling helps with the texture and “firms” up the meat.

diabetes friendly


Prepping the Sandwich Filling

I cooked Bacon, always a crowd favorite. This is Peppered, “THICK CUT” bacon…great flavor.



In the picture below you can see the “bun” on the right side of the plate and the additional fillings, roast beef, pepperoni and swiss cheese.




Assembling Meatwich!

Lastly, below is a picture of the MEATwich in the process of being consumed. Note:  the “bun” is holding up well.

I wrapped the meatwich in wax papper  to contain the moisture, but with this particular MEATwich, it was not needed.



Give it a try sometime…  I did.


Plate it Instead

Don’t like holding a meatwich?  It can be juicy, after all you are handling fatty meats.

No worries!  Plate it instead.  Below is another version… on a plate!

meatwich is diabetes friendly 3

A bun-less burger!


Low Carb Paleo Alternatives

As noted earlier there is no need to be concerned about a varied menu.  There are so many options and low carb paleo alternatives.

I urge you to look through my diabetes friendly food list but just a few of the posts off the top of my head that are ‘high carb’ alternatives.

Low Carb Paleo Spaghetti 

Best Damn Pizza Crust

Low Carb Paleo Chili


I urge you to start eating a low carb paleo meal plan today… and start THRIVING!!!  And not ‘just’ surviving.


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

managing diabetes


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