low carb paleo

Leap of Faith

I love the low carb paleo lifestyle. It helps me successfully manage diabetes.

I am NEVER going back to the way I once ate and lived. NEVER! :)

Eating Simple Foods, Simply

If you have elevated blood sugars, health problems, are chronically sick, lethargic, experiencing joint pain… RELAX! Breathe deeply and keep reading, you have come to the right place. :)

30 Days of Blood Sugar Testing

To show people … yes I talk the talk, but I also walk the walk. :)

There are many on the internet who ‘talk a good game’ … but do they consistently day in, day out practice what they preach?

As I told someone the other day, “there are many pretenders on the internet… I’m not one of them.” :)

Grilled Chicken Wings

I recently discovered an error that I had to rectify… immediately! I did not have a food post on ‘Grilled Chicken Wings!” Chicken wings are diabetes friendly! The post includes a video… you can hear them sizzle!

Roast and Creamed Cauliflower w/ Gravy

Yet another low carb, truly diabetic friendly, tasty and satiating meal.

The American Diabetes Association would not approve of this meal … because it has too much fat, too much protein and there are no ‘whole grains’.