Low Carb Paleo Anniversary – In Pictures

A pictorial history of my (now) eight year ‘low carb paleo‘ anniversary, celebrating the successful managing of diabetes with a low carb paleo lifestyle.  To all those in the medical industry who attempted to convince me a low carb paleo lifestyle is…

  • not maintainable long-term
  • unhealthy long-term

YOU WERE WRONG!  YOU ARE WRONG! Stop harming people.  I am so glad I did not listen to the doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators.

fat pics

The pictures above were all pre-diabetes diagnosis. None of the pictures were taken at my heaviest, just before my diabetes diagnosis, but you get the idea.

Brief Diabetes Story:

A diabetes diagnosis in mid-February 2009 changed my life forever. At diagnosis I had an A1C that was ‘too high to read’. I needed drugs and insulin ‘just to survive’.  The diagnosis was the slap in the face I needed. I began to discover, as I reduced carbohydrates I needed less and less, drugs and insulin.

By the end of March, I had weaned off all drugs and insulin with normal blood sugars. By the fall of 2009 I’d lost 78 lbs and was a lean mean fighting machine!  Ok, I was lean and mean. :)

My A1C had gone from too high to read to 5.2 by the fall of the same year.

Next is a pictorial history. If you aren’t familiar with my diabetes story, there are more details about me at the end of the post including how I eat, play and LIVE!

2008 / 2009

I have been ‘fully primal’ since August 1, 2009.




2011 – Wearing a (S) Small T-shirt


2012 – Goofing off for Halloween



2011 6

2014 – Winter

Warming in the Winter Sun


April 2014

2014 april

July 2014

spring 2015

Spring 2015

2014 july

2015 – Summer

summer 2015

Summer 2016


13336093_1172576222787466_8942416158824316100_n (1)

Summer 2017

Still THRIVING!! … not just surviving. :)

My Story Timeline:

Briefly. Very briefly. :)

2/15/2009 – Rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Received a diabetes diagnosis. I was told I would likely be on drugs and insulin for the rest of my life.  A1c was too high to read.

March 2009 – By the end of March 2009 ( 1 1/2 months after diagnosis),  by reducing carbohydrates I had weaned off all drugs and insulin, with ‘diabetic normal’ blood sugars.

Order Your A1C 

May 2009 – Doctor follow up, A1c 5.8!!!  Boom! In less than 3 months, i had TOTALLY changed my health around!! The downward health spiral was OVER! :)

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Over the coming months I would read everything I could find on ‘low carb’, diet and diabetes care.  I eventually found Mark Sisson’s site,  MarksDailyApple.com (MDA) and I learned about a better way
… a better way to eat, to play and to live!!!

On 8/1/2009,

  • after several months of reading everything I could find on the paleo lifestyle,
  • after months of ratcheting down my carbohydrate consumption,
  • after months of decreasing grain, legume and vegetable oil consumption…

I went fully ‘low carb primal’, typically eating 15-20 grams of total carbs per day.

What does that mean? Read all about my meal plan, click here “A Low Carb Paleo Meal Plan You Can Live With“.

Following a paleo lifestyle is much more than ‘just’ diet or meal plan, it’s all about eating, playing, living as we were designed.

Eight 12 Years of Successfully Managing Diabetes

I have done numerous experiments, I have tested high, moderate, low, very low and even Zero Carb.  I always ‘come back’ to where I am today nutritionally.

In this post, “Diabetic Food Journals“,  I summarize my Food Journal posts since I started the blog in 2010.  My historical totals actually line up closely with my current way of eating.

Calories from Fat = 72%, calories from carbs = 2% and calories from protein = 26%. 

Historically my carbohydrate total has been only … <drum roll>… 12.8 grams of total carbohydrates per day.

Averaging 12.8 grams of TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES for six years!?!  And I thrive.

In the winter I typically eat less, and in the summer when berries and vegetables are available I tend to eat a little more carbohydrates. Remember, the data above is an average.

We’ve established my historical averages,  here is a link to my low carb paleo meal plan, you have seen pictorial proof of my results through the years … what are you waiting for?

Join me in THRIVING!!! and not ‘just’ surviving.

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