Time for New Diabetic Diagnostic Thresholds is Now

Hopefully this paper will apply pressure to the American DIabetes Association and the Medical Industry to lower their diagnostic thresholds to the standards suggested in this post… I’m not holding my breath and neither should you!!

There is no better time to obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars!

juicy tender brisket

Cooking Juicy Tender Brisket

Why should you cook a beef brisket? Typically beef brisket is more economical … and tends to be cheaper than other cuts of beef. And when done properly cooking juicy tender brisket is very simple!

The Potato Study. There is little “science”!

The topic of this post is a study purported to show that potatoes are ok for type 2 diabetics. As you will see, this study is a perfect example of why I say, there really is very little real science in “nutritional science” AND that too often nutritional science REALLY is nothing more than marketing propaganda for those that fund the ‘science’.

Minimalist Carnivore Chili

I usually eat very simply, I am a simple man. Chili is as complicated as I get with food prep. And since going to a minimalist Carnivore Chili … even chili is quick and easy.

A Lapse in Judgement

This experience shows me that after eating VERY low carb for 11 years… I am still addicted to sugar. I shall not, in fact I can not consume sugary foods. It is, as it was before a diabetes diagnosis … like crack to me!

Best Pork Loin Ever!

The key with ‘truly slow-roasting’ is fat preservation. With minimal fat loss more juices and flavor are retained by the meat. The technique works with fatty meats too of course, but the difference is more noticeable with leaner cuts of meat.

COVID-19 & Diabetes: What the ADA Won’t Tell You

It’s not only “What the ADA won’t tell you.”, this post includes information that none of the ‘leading’ diabetes organizations in the world will tell you, this includes Joslin Diabetes and Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The American Diabetes Association is arguably the leading diabetes organization in the world. For this post, I want to …

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11 Year Diabetes Check Up

When I began this journey the medical industry claimed diabetes was a debilitating disease with deteriorating health and increasing pain and suffering. Once again… they were wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way