Mission Statement

The mission of Diabetes-Warrior.net is to educate those diagnosed with diabetes and their loved ones, about a ‘better way’ to manage diabetes. Providing information is important, but Diabetes-Warrior.net also seeks to motivate others to achieve the benefits of improved diabetes management, in an entertaining and thought-provoking style.

In short, the mission of the site is to:

  • educate
  • motivate
  • entertain


I’ve written well over 500 posts, the ‘post examples’ below are just the tip of the site’s iceberg. I’ll be adding more of my favorites as well as the most popular posts.

DW T print


The advantages of a ‘paleo lifestyle’ is beneficial to much more than ‘just’ diabetes. As I began to learn how to successfully manage diabetes, I learned that eating, playing and living a ‘paleo’ lifestyle benefits many diseases, ailments and afflictions.



Using different means, most of the posts are designed to educate and inform.








I don’t write many posts purely for entertainment purposes, but I do write posts designed to elicit an emotional response. The hope is the emotions will cause you to question and if appropriate, will cause you to take action.


Site’s Mission

I know this site’s mission is an important one. The published information has helped many, including myself.

The information can positively affect every reader’s life, for the better.

It is my mission to share the website’s information with as many people as possible.


If you agree:

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