21 Day Blood Sugar Experiment, Boom! Pow!

Kelley Pounds, is a nurse and one of the few certified diabetes educators I trust. She performed a 21 day diabetes experiment using the advice in my ebook, “How to Reduce Blood Sugars“.

  • Kelley is a rare ‘breed’ of diabetes educators.
  • The results of her experiment were not unexpected.


I like and respect Kelley because she is a ‘seeker of truth’. She tests her own diabetes advice… truly a rarity in the diabetes education realm. So many diabetes educator parrot diabetes advice produced by Big Food and Big Pharma. Not Kelley.




Kelley is a ‘low carb’ proponent, but as you will see, not all ‘low carb’ diets are created equal. She has her own blog and wrote about it, “My First 21 Days as a Diabetes Warrior and my Dexcom Experiment”, I’d urge you to read her full post.


Warrior Experiment

In brief, Kelley ate according to the meal plan I suggest.


“About a month ago…  I stumbled across this book. It was just what I needed.”


So she followed the advice I gave in the book …


“Within just a couple days on the program, my weight was moving for the first time in a long time, and my fasting blood sugars were dropping.”


BAM!!!  I love hearing this!!!    I love hearing how the meal plan is helping people achieve their GOALS!!!


 “Then something really exciting happened. I had the opportunity to wear a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) as a demo. I am a diabetes educator and I prefer to self test all of the equipment. I have worn several insulin pumps (with saline of course) so that I can better teach the use of the equipment to my patients. In my experiment with the CGM, following the program in this book, I spent 30% of my time with my blood sugars in the 70’s and the remaining 70% of the time with my blood sugars between 80-100 (normal is considered 65-105).


 I never went over 100 while wearing the monitor.  This was really fantastic, but I’ll tell you what is even better.”


My goals are to be below 100 mg/dl all the time … although I know I sometimes exceed them when I exercise very intensely.  In fact, back in 2012 I wore a CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitor and I had similar results… staying sub 100 mg/dl except for very intense workouts.

Here was more corroborating data supporting my truly ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan!

Boom!  Bam!  Pow!!!!


“The CGM not only tells you your blood glucose every 5 minutes, it tells you how rapidly you are rising and falling. If you are rising 1-2 points per minute, you get an arrow angled upwards. If you are rising 2-3 points per minute, you get a straight up arrow. If you are rising more than 3 points per minute, you get a double up arrow. These parameters are the same for downward arrows, when your blood sugar is falling. When your blood sugar is steady, you get a straight, right-pointing arrow. Why is this important? Fast rises and sharp falls are not good for the body.  Besides, they can make you feel lousy. So here is the amazing thing. NOT ONCE in 6 days of wearing the CGM and following the program did I EVER see an up or down arrow, ever. I typically never had an increase of more than 7-10 points for a generous meal, and it was such a slow rise, that the arrows never moved!!


The screen shot below is a snapshot of her CGM screen. The middle set of dots are her blood sugar readings… nice and level, like a boss! :)



That graph above … is a beautiful thing.  And while there may be diabetics who don’t even realize it… they should all envy this graph. It is AMAZING!!! :)

In addition to the beautifully gorgeous blood sugar readings, Kelley also experienced an 8 lb weight loss… which is another benefit of this way of eating.

Enough about the experiment but please, read her full post by clicking here,  “My First 21 Days as a Diabetes Warrior and my Dexcom Experiment“.


Next More About Kelley Pounds

You can read her “About Me” page on her website “LowCarbRN” but here are the main points I want to cover.

“I am a wife, mother, registered nurse and diabetes educator by trade. I have battled my weight from childhood…attending Weight Watchers as early as age 10 (I’ve done Weight Watchers 3 times in my life).  I’ve also tried other diets…”


Now in my early 40’s, I was tired and fed up. My health was declining. I was pre-diabetic with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure, acid reflux, poor mood and extreme low self esteem! My lack of energy was profound.


To cut to the chase, Kelly lost about 80 lbs and improved her health by following a low carb, high fat diet starting with Atkins and reading various other sources. She’s seen the benefits of a low carb, high fat meal plan personally.

Kelley Has My Respect

As a diabetes educator she did not blindly read and believe all of the medical industry ‘propaganda’ promoting a high carb, grain based ‘carb up and shoot up’ diabetes protocol.

Kelley has done extensive testing with not only the CGM but also with different meters and foods.  So when she gives advice … it will be backed by personal experience… not what Big Pharma suggests.

She is … changing lives one at a time.

Thank you Kelley … keep up the great work!  I know you will. :)


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Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars